Underground Blog Post 2

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What I did my post on was a mini series titled Underground by Lee Daniels it is in African-American miniseries it was aired weekly I have been watching this for some time now since last season. This series have so many connections between the film and what we are discussing in class. I would like to say that I can compare this miniseries to the legacy of slavery standards for A New Womanhood. The way the miniseries take place is so fascinating as well aligned with the legacy of slavery as well as showing how women that was interviewed in the 1930’s or described their childhood of working in the field work on the Alabama cotton plantation. In legacy of slavery there old raggedy huts were already hand made out of pole and some of the cracks chinked up with mud and moss some of them whether they didn’t have any good beds just scaffolds nailed up to the wall out of the polls and already remaining the same on in the movie underground there were pretty much made the same way.  It showed the slaves that were doing hard labor out in the fields and yet they were put to work in the fields at young ages as soon as they became old enough to work they were made to go out and pick cotton. underground 2

Some of them were made to work in what was called the Big House and House in where the Master lived him and his family. In the series it showed how they were auctioned off to the next master as soon as they were old enough to be sold. Most of the Black women were raped and made to have kids by many of the white men who bought them. They were equally subjected to their slave masters. In the miniseries it showed how the women worked alongside their husbands and their children. Many of the slaves taught each other how to read during the wee hours of the night and many of them planned their escape by using the underground rail system. A system in which Harriet Tubman lead over 300 slaves to. I just found this to be a great part of history and what a woman brought to the fore front of helping so many slaves to get away.

Choose Your Own Adventure

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My adventure is my road to a successful me I am originally from Shreveport Louisiana. I moved here to Dallas Texas in 2002. I can admit I hated it when I first moved here the traffic was too busy and the people where so unfriendly but the thing that had me was It was so easy to find a job. I had lacked all this opportunity back home, now don’t get me wrong I had a job I had been on for a least 10 years but it was feeling like it was a dead end job and the pay was never going to increase no matter how hard I worked I felt I could never get ahead. Sure I missed the crawfish the good food the good Louisiana style gumbo, and if you have never had true authentic Cajun food then you would never know the difference.


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I came to Texas where everything was much Bigger the people the places the jobs the money the cars the houses. It was so much that I longed for all my life being from a small town then coming to a big state was all the means to come here and get myself together. I stayed with a cousin at first then after 2 weeks I went and got my first apartment here with my first paycheck. I was so happy to be on my own and I felt this is the life I always wanted to have. I quickly enrolled into school and found out that I was super smart and enjoyed doing homework. I enjoyed this place that I once hated I took a drive through downtown Dallas and was stunned the lights on the building lit up my eyes so bright. I could not believe this city was so beautiful and huge. I got lost a couple of times I cried till I found my way back to my apartment. But when I tell you the success rate that Texas has is so much better than the success rate in Louisiana it is amazing that people can come here and actually change their life around and make good of a lot of things. This is my adventure and I am pleased to say it was the best decision and adventure that I have ever encountered and I would tell anyone to move up out of their hometown if they are in a rural area and go somewhere where they can grow and make themselves be more successful. It worked for me so It can definitely work for them too.

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American Art

weeping-eagle-god-blessWhen looking at art I see many different interpretations on what a canvas can represent, to me art is clearly a form of expression. I love art and painting different things I love to see the beauty that artist convey with their work it is pure enjoyment for me. I often love to visit places that has true artwork outside or on the walls I guess you can say that I am at tuned with Art it has always been a passion of mines. When I look over the art work from Remembering 911 it has often put me in reach with the Langston Hughes reading “Let America be America Again”. It symboloizes that dream that we are wanting to restore our country and make it a better place then where it has been. When I look at the weeping eagle who is the bird of our nation and I see him crying it makes me think of how Langston Hughes was trying to make us feel what he was feeling when he was writing this poem. It make syou think about our country being loved again, a country that was broken into pieces and gently restored by the hands of Americans. By the hands of the other people who cares for other fellow Americans.

It also makes you think of the part when he says he is a young man full of strength and hop and when seeing the images of the firefighters so eager to help is what make sme think of that. But as I look into the background and see the destruction it makes me think of how hungry Langston Hughes was about the dream he was having, of a man who never really got ahead. For all the dreams we’ve dreamed and all the hopes we held. And all the flags we hung. Makes me reflect to the bad things that went on during the time on Semptember 11th. A time when American was at a all time low a time when every American who had a heart showed support and remorse for what had happened to our country. A time when you can relate to what Langston Hughes was saying when he stated “We, the people, must redeem the land, the mines, the plants, the Rivers.The Mountains and the endless plain—all, all the stretch of these great green states—And make America again! artwork


How I define myself as an American

means that I am free to be whom I want to be, I am free to walk where I want to walk, I am free to talk how I want to talk. Being an American can basically give you so many privileges, I see so many other countries that are not allowed these basic things that we often take for granite. Such as education and such things as the wife being able to hold a job and work outside of the home. Being an American simply means I am free to be me. I often feel sometimes it’s harder being an African American Woman in this cruel world due to the fact that Men think that we are not as superior to them as they are to us. Sometimes we get looked upon a lot differently by men. Sometimes I feel men think we don’t know enough to be in position that we are in. But that’s what makes being an American so great!! We have the right to do whatever job we want to do whether its intended for a guy or not we have the right to express ourselves in so many ways that others can only imagine to begin. I love being able to just say what I want to say and not have to suffer consequences of what I say I love the fact that I have an option to say what I want to say out loud I don’t have to hold nothing in. I can come and go as I please although I have to be careful in some areas of the world but I am free to travel and free to go to any part of any country that I chose because I am an American.