Create Your Own Adventure

I hate how cliche this sounds, but I have had such a whirlwind of adventure lately I wouldn’t know which one to start for this assignment. So I’ll pick my favorite.

I’m unlearning perfection, and it is exactly as much fun as it sounds. I want to take this opportunity to document, publicly, how I’ve done that.

Think of this list as a Best Of album of all of  my screw-ups:

  • I picked the wrong college. My first adult decision right after high school and I royally screwed it up. I did my freshman year at Texas Wesleyan, which, is a great school. It turns out I really just needed a bigger challenge, and ironically, I made that decision because I knew it was a small school and I wanted to be number one. It turns out I get bored if there are only fifty other people I’m competing with.
  • I hit a deer with my car on election night and then hit my head and didn’t even know Donald Trump won until like, two days later.
  • I stay up late to watch “The Office.” Even if I’m super tired.
  • IMG_7wy0zc[649].jpg
  • I took a job I hated at a real estate office to compensate for the whole “wrong” college debacle. Choosing the wrong job to cancel out choosing the wrong college does not a perfectionist make.
  • Sometimes I just lay in my bed. tumblr_no8xevZLci1rxhp7xo1_500
  • I gained 10 pounds. I needed to. I have really cute cheeks.
  • I think I spend $30 more a month on water than I need to because I take a shower and a bath everyday. I was never perfect at math, so I’m okay with not being sure. But taking baths and showers make me happy so they’re worth it.
  • I should have been getting my eyebrows threaded instead of waxed.
  • I work at an eyelash studio now. It’s not a Very Important Political internship and I’m okay with that. I love getting paid to talk about how pretty women are.
  • It’s apparently really obnoxious to go to school and announce how much you got accomplished on how little sleep. Also bad for your health.
  • I always just buy the shoes. tumblr_ocacs5wht81tt9lrzo1_r1_500
  • I eat Ben and Jerry’s and stay up late with my friends.
  • I learned you get so much more out of life my being nice.
  • I finally told my boyfriend the truth about my shoe size.
  • I’m okay with the gap in my teeth. I never lose anybody because I can whistle very loud through it. That’s called adaptation, people.
  • I got a C in physics. I was thrilled.
  • These “mess ups” are  not as dramatic or interesting as I would have liked for them to have sounded two years ago, and I just realized how content I am with that normalcy.

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