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What I did my post on was a mini series titled Underground by Lee Daniels it is in African-American miniseries it was aired weekly I have been watching this for some time now since last season. This series have so many connections between the film and what we are discussing in class. I would like to say that I can compare this miniseries to the legacy of slavery standards for A New Womanhood. The way the miniseries take place is so fascinating as well aligned with the legacy of slavery as well as showing how women that was interviewed in the 1930’s or described their childhood of working in the field work on the Alabama cotton plantation. In legacy of slavery there old raggedy huts were already hand made out of pole and some of the cracks chinked up with mud and moss some of them whether they didn’t have any good beds just scaffolds nailed up to the wall out of the polls and already remaining the same on in the movie underground there were pretty much made the same way.  It showed the slaves that were doing hard labor out in the fields and yet they were put to work in the fields at young ages as soon as they became old enough to work they were made to go out and pick cotton. underground 2

Some of them were made to work in what was called the Big House and House in where the Master lived him and his family. In the series it showed how they were auctioned off to the next master as soon as they were old enough to be sold. Most of the Black women were raped and made to have kids by many of the white men who bought them. They were equally subjected to their slave masters. In the miniseries it showed how the women worked alongside their husbands and their children. Many of the slaves taught each other how to read during the wee hours of the night and many of them planned their escape by using the underground rail system. A system in which Harriet Tubman lead over 300 slaves to. I just found this to be a great part of history and what a woman brought to the fore front of helping so many slaves to get away.


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  1. This was such a great selection! I always find Lee Daniels’ takes on blackness to be extremely poignant and raw. I wish however, he hadn’t centered a light-skinned woman in the film. Harriet Tubman’s story was an excellent opportunity to cast a dark skinned woman as a heroine and it seems like the men and lighter actors get more screen time. I I wonder if that’s why it’s “better” for marginalized people to write their own and direct their own stories in the sense that they’ll get more accurate representation. I want to say there’s a statistic somewhere that shows statistics on how characters typically either favor the race or gender of the director but the proximity to whiteness is still all too common.


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