Choose Your Own Adventure

louis 2

My adventure is my road to a successful me I am originally from Shreveport Louisiana. I moved here to Dallas Texas in 2002. I can admit I hated it when I first moved here the traffic was too busy and the people where so unfriendly but the thing that had me was It was so easy to find a job. I had lacked all this opportunity back home, now don’t get me wrong I had a job I had been on for a least 10 years but it was feeling like it was a dead end job and the pay was never going to increase no matter how hard I worked I felt I could never get ahead. Sure I missed the crawfish the good food the good Louisiana style gumbo, and if you have never had true authentic Cajun food then you would never know the difference.


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I came to Texas where everything was much Bigger the people the places the jobs the money the cars the houses. It was so much that I longed for all my life being from a small town then coming to a big state was all the means to come here and get myself together. I stayed with a cousin at first then after 2 weeks I went and got my first apartment here with my first paycheck. I was so happy to be on my own and I felt this is the life I always wanted to have. I quickly enrolled into school and found out that I was super smart and enjoyed doing homework. I enjoyed this place that I once hated I took a drive through downtown Dallas and was stunned the lights on the building lit up my eyes so bright. I could not believe this city was so beautiful and huge. I got lost a couple of times I cried till I found my way back to my apartment. But when I tell you the success rate that Texas has is so much better than the success rate in Louisiana it is amazing that people can come here and actually change their life around and make good of a lot of things. This is my adventure and I am pleased to say it was the best decision and adventure that I have ever encountered and I would tell anyone to move up out of their hometown if they are in a rural area and go somewhere where they can grow and make themselves be more successful. It worked for me so It can definitely work for them too.

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