Choose Yor Own Adventure

Throughout my entire college career at Texas A&M, I just knew I wanted to be a dentist. Everything was going well for me up until I started to take my upper-level science courses, this included biochemistry and organic chemistry. I failed repeatedly and failed until my final semester before graduation. It was now, I really started to think, is this for me? December came and I was walking across the stage. By this time, I had realized that maybe I should work and then figure out what was best for me. I was blessed enough to get a job with Aramark as an Area Supervisor in the Child Nutrition department at a school district outside of Austin. This was amazing considering I would be using my degree, Nutrition, and I will be still helping the lives of our future, children! As I started working, I found that I was getting bored, and thought well maybe it is because I am homesick. So, I found a job with Dallas ISD doing the same thing and found that I loved it again. Well, fast forward two years and I have found that this is not for me.


Getting my hands dirty is something that I want to do. When I mean get my hands dirty, I mean be a health care provider. The past year I have been taking the classes needed to apply to an accelerated nursing program. Since I already have a bachelor’s degree, all I need to take are 60 hours of nursing courses to obtain my BSN. It may have taken me a while to figure out what I really was passionate about, but I am here to say that it is okay to make mistakes to figure out what that passion exactly is. I was afraid that I was getting too old, and was trying to plan my life when God had other plans for me. Truth is I am only 26, I have my whole life to live and by the time that I am done with my BSN I will be 27! My testimony is that sometimes, plans do not work out but that does not mean that it is the end of the world. Success is in arms reach and it is all about how you make your dreams a reality. I am glad my dream is becoming a reality and my road to success is just beginning! Follow your dreams and don’t look back is my new life prerogative and I hope my story inspires you as well!




  1. Oh my God. Your story is very similar to mine, with a major exception. I wanted to be a dentist for a long time but I don’t know if I wanted to be one or because since I was a kid I was told that this is what I wanted! I lived my high school years and my college life preaching about wanting to be a dentist but deep down I don’t know. But since I have always said that I don’t know what else would be a fit for me. I never really explored anything else. I’m also 26 (well in 3months) but unlike you I am panicking here. I wish I could know what m “true” path is if not this? I hope you do great in life and everything is a smooth sail from now on and hopefully my path will hit me too if this is not it.

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    • Omg! We are in the same boat. I was kind of told that I had to choose a career that would be rewarding, that would be stable…I knew I didn’t want to be a doctor and growing up I loved the dentist and I loved teeth so for me that was my “rewarding career” as I got older I was questioning it and now here I am! I really wish you the best of luck! If you need anything find me in the class on blackboard and email me! 🙂

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      • actually there is no email on blackboard for all the class, only the people in my group…its ok though. I’m just glad to see there is someone else out there in an almost identical situation than me. It sucks feeling like you are the only one or that you are being left behind as life goes on (and everyone is doing what they want to do but you).


  2. I truly enjoyed reading your post and agree that it is never too late to find your path in life, and it is very important to know what you don’t want to do sometimes. My story is very similar as my parents wanted me to become an attorney since I was very young, and I ended up being very good when I graduated with my paralegal degree. My life felt very forced and although I was very good at my job I did not feel pursuing a law degree would give me the satisfaction in life that I craved. I have finally chose to pursue an English degree instead since I have a passion for literature, and writing.


  3. I enjoyed your post. I too am 26 and struggle with figuring out what I want to be. I already have a bachelors and still don’t know what I want to do in life. I got into the UTA’s nursing program. That starts in the fall and I’m excited but scared. I’m scared I might not even like nursing and will have wasted more time trying to figure out what I want to be. I shall see what happens! lol Good luck to you!


  4. I have so much respect for all of y’all in health care! That is such an amazing way to help people, which is my passion but I’m terrible at science and I’m not big on touching people. One of my best friends from high school found out she was pregnant at 36 weeks and I can’t tell you how instrumental the nurses were in making sure my goddaughter was healthy with only four weeks to prepare for her (she is two now and knows where her knows is, no big deal or anything), so she’s actually gone back to school to become a nurse as well. I’m sure all of you are going to wonderfully in whatever your chosen fields may be and I sincerely wish you luck!


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