“to be, or not to be” (own adventure)

I grew up having no clue what i wanted to be in life, i always lived life in the moment, but i knew i liked to sing. I think every little girl likes to sing and that is their dream job. but as i got older i realized i was too shy! and i started going to summer camps, were i met the besdownloadt friend i have ever had. I also started going mission trips with my church so much that it was becoming a nature of habit in helping people. When i started college my first thing i wanted to do was find a major that earned allot of money so i chose business management. I did not expect it to have SO much math! That is when i realized i was bored with this major and i wasn’t happy because i really sucked at it. That’s when i decided to give a master in social work a try, because i had a passion for helping specially children, only cause i had a tough childhood so i wanted to help others through. Now i am here in my first social work class and i know this is where i want to be, the only thing i did was not give up on my management degree because i am not a quitter and i want to have a broader outlook for the future. Starting college i also learned that life is not a race. It does not matter when you get to the finish line, as long you chase your dreams and be happy in where you are right now, and live in the moment. I always try to take the time out of life to travel and go on little adventures because you never know when your life could end. but most importantly how long the situation you are living in could change. LOVE YOURSELF. LOVE OTHERS. LOVE LIFE. AND ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS.



  1. There is no greater feeling than finding that thing that feels like the perfect fit. I’m glad yours is social work, we need more of you! I also enjoy helping people, I joined the Red Cross disaster team so I could have an outlet to do so, and I’m so glad I did. I agree that there is no race in life. It’s sad that were taught to believe that we need to go to college now and we need to pick a career now, and we need to get married NOW. However, I think a person can only truly become the person they’re meant to be when they walk their path at their own pace. Rushing can only lead to wasting time doing something you don’t like. Good luck on your adventure, your positive spirit is contagious!


  2. I liked the wallpaper in your blog. “I have found that if you love life, Life will love you back”. I also tried a business major just because I thought it was more money after I graduate. After two classes, I realized it wasn’t for me and then got IV and Chemo certified because helping cancer patients is my passion. I also agree with you that it’s important to take time for your self, and to travel, and go on little adventures. I enjoyed reading your post because not many people appreciate life the way you do. I am glad you found something that you love and wish you all the best.


  3. I completely agree with the point you made in your post regarding life not being a race and it never being too late to do what you love. I find myself in a comparable situation since I also started my college career thinking I would become an attorney, and now find myself pursuing an English Master’s degree. I also related to your motto at the end of your post ”Love yourself, love others, love life, and enjoy the little things” and I feel it is the most rewarding way you can approach life because life really goes by very quickly.


  4. I can completely agree with you I too was in a major that I thought I wanted to be in and it made me so sad every time that I received my grades in which I tried to work so hard to get good grades coming from a private school I thought I was completely ahead of a lot of things by going to a public school but in reality I was not. So I ditched the Nursing and went on to do business and I am 100 percent happier with it since I have been in this field going to certain classes have help me with my own finances and helped me to become a better business woman. I know you did not enjoy it but I always wanted to own my own boutique since I love making arts and crafts so a lot of my business classes has helped me along the way market myself in a greater way. It is so good that you have a passion for helping kids and we as people need to have that spirit in us I also do a lot of charity work to help out kids as well as elderly people so I think and commend you for that. And always enjoy the little things I love how well you stated that.


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