The College Life


Becoming a civil engineer was my goal since I was a little kid. To be honest, at the time I did not even know what it meant to be a civil engineer but it sounded cool. When I graduated high school I decided to attend The University of Texas at Arlington. I left my family and friends behind to pursue my dream. My first semesters were very tough, I had no friends, no family, simply no one to talk to. The days went by slow and I began questioning if this is what I really wanted. I didn’t want to pay for “friends” at a fraternity so just hung in there.

On my second year when I started my degree courses I met my two best friends Luis and Luis. We were all in Civil Engineering and had similar schedules. Soon I had many other friends and everything changed for the better. On my third year I got my first internship at a  geotechnical company. My daily routine quickly changed from too much free time to no free time. Trying to manage my time became the biggest problem to solve, even harder than any of my design courses I have been taking. Working, studying, going to the gym, maintaining my apartment, and just so many other things to do was just overwhelming. Today I am a couple of weeks away from accomplishing that dream that began when I was just a little boy. The road was full of sleepless nights (not all of them from studying), stressful moments, and I guess happy moments as well. I cannot wait to walk the stage and receive that diploma. I could have not made it this far with the support of my parents and friends that were there when I most needed them.



  1. It sounds like you were born to be an ambitious civil engineer! As your adventure is soon to become a reality you must be anxious to be in charge of your own contribution to our environment such as your own personal designs. I commend you on your self-discipline to hang in there even when there were no friends around and no one talk to. I understand that must haven be difficult to overcome and luckily you were able to find two besties along the way! From so much time on your hands to very little time for yourself, how did you manage to squeeze gym time into your schedule? I work full time, have a family, and am taking three classes, I wish I could go to the gym for at least an hour but instead that hour is valuable family time or study time! Congrats again!

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  2. wow it looks like you are on a ball! i’m glad that you are chasing your dreams and staying on track of them! i am actually shocked that you wanted to be a civil engineer when you were a kid, i did not even know what a engineer was until i was almost done with high school. It is also awesome that you landed your first internship, and it seems like you have a system on how you got so far! when i first started college i jumped in not knowing my major so at first i went for managements and then later on i jumped into social work, so right now i am double majoring, and will graduate later than my friend but life is not a race. but i am proud of you!


  3. It is so encouraging to hear someone who has a dream and was determined to accomplish it. I stared out in a trade school, when I got my first license. Sadly, what the school failed to tell me was that none of the credits for all I took transferred to actual colleges. I was very discouraged, but like you I found the strength and ability to get back in and going again through my friends and family.
    I can not imagine the classes that you have had or even the internship that you get into and how hard that had to be for you. It seems this was the path that you were meant to be on. Once you walk the stage, you will look back and see all the hard times with the good times and be so grateful for your accomplishment. Congratulations on all that you have been able to achieve and I hope that the future continues to challenge you in only good ways and open many doors for you.


  4. First of all, Congratulations! Obtaining your college degree is no easy task and you did it! I may not know you but I am so proud of you! I graduated from Texas A&M a couple years back and I definitely can understand the feeling that you felt at the beginning and especially now! I did have those questioning moments during the first year because like you said, especially in a major like yours it is hard to juggle friends and school work. I am so happy that you stuck with it and eventually found friends that could be friends, but also understood the demand of your degree. College is hard and I am glad that you had it figured out! Congratulations again, and good luck in your next phase of life!


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