Roller Coaster of Life


Over the years I have found it hard to maintain financial stability much like many other working class citizens. Being a college student of course, it does add a little extra pressure on the finances. The job market has its ups and downs and I feel like I am riding it like a roller coaster. Whatever your reason may be for attending school and achieving a degree, I think most would say that it is to eventually have a good job that pays well. I think everybody wants to get something out of having an education whether that may be to have money, do something you love, or just to make a family member proud. I always have been indecisive on the path that I want to take for a career.

I began my college education at Blinn College in College Station. The experience that I had there was everything I could have hoped for. My goal was to attend Texas A&M and enter the May’s School of Business and follow in my brothers footsteps but however I fell short of that goal when my GPA fell below a 4.0. Actually, it was much lower than a 4.0 but I found something that could potentially get me the business experience I’ve been looking for. My brother worked his way up in a company named True Protection that ran a paid summer internship. It was door to door sales and I do believe it was mentally the hardest thing that I have ever done. Getting doors slammed in your face all day gets a little overbearing. Yet I did finish as the top first year salesman my first year which was quite an accomplishment for me. My second year I was promoted to team leader and was making a sustainable amount of money. It is said that one in every en business’ go under and unfortunately this one did. That job taught me more than I could in a class room and I would never take back the time that I put into that company but life moves on.

After returning home and taking off of school to make up for lost money I eventually found a good paying job that comes with benefits. After spending a week in an unfamiliar city training for my new job, I am now a UPS driver. Although it may not be what I want to do for the rest of my life, it does financially support me and pay for my school. I will continue to go to school and work for many reasons but for now I will continue to ride the roller coaster I call life.


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