sanfrancanyon18057952_1149611441833593_951864904062624708_n18119028_1149613625166708_1275709464074414486_ncampOh boy. I am sitting in a one bedroom lakeside cabin right now on the outskirts of South Lake Tahoe, California. My girlfriend and I earned jobs at a camp that is located here called Stanford Sierra Conference Center for the Spring Season. See, this February she and I were sitting in Denver International Airport for 6 hours on the way home from a family vacation. While there we both realized how miserable we were at our two very far apart places of living. She is from Houston, and I am from Fort Worth. We are both 19 years old, and have been dating for a year and 4 months now. In order to make this ideal of not wanting to go back to our homes something actually fathomable, we discovered that there are seasonal jobs year round, all around the country, world even. We decided on a location, applied for this job, and within a few weeks we had both secured positions as employees here. This cabin, as well as 3 meals a day, and a $10.50 an hour wage are all included with the employment. So, as far as the word adventure goes, I would say that deciding to leave home to go to some place you’ve never been with only your best friend by your side is as accurate as it would get. We drove here. The first day we drove all the way into Arizona and stayed just outside of the Grand Canyon National Park. We slept in the car in the backseat. It’s amazing how much colder it gets in Northern Arizona than it does in Northern Texas at this time of year. We were absolutely miserable. But the next day we got to explore and experience the magnificent beauty that is the Grand Canyon. It was amazing. We left there and instead of driving directly Northwest to Lake Tahoe, we would go through Los Angeles and drive up highway 1 along the pacific coast. So we did that, and it was amazing. The next day we arrived here at camp. The people here are absolutely amazing. For most this is one of many on a long list of seasonal jobs they have worked across the world. From New Zealand, to Alaska, to Africa, Australia, one lady has even spent a whole year working in Antarctica! We’ve met so many interesting people. Last weekend, we decided to take a road trip over to San Francisco. We are a lot closer than back home and neither of us had been, so why not you know? That city is huge, cluttered, and crazy, but beautiful nonetheless. We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, (which is accompanied by a $7 fee btw), and took photos of ourselves over the San Francisco bay. That night I got us a room at The Mosser hotel in downtown. Did you know they have targets in the middle of downtown buildings? Like we literally had to go up an escalator inside a building that looked as if it could have been a big financial firm or something and boom, a full fledged target. I know, it’s kind of crazy. Especially for those of you that are actually living in Texas right now. So yeah, my life is the epitome of an adventure right now. We don’t know what city or state we will go to when the season is over. We are even considering going out of the country, we really don’t know. All I know is that every day I spend away from the flat and boring plains of Texas and all that I know and am comfortable with, the more my curiosity grows to see and experience everything that the world has to offer. I legitimately cannot wait for what the future may hold. I am excited for every single day that passes.



  1. Your adventure sounds amazing. I’m currently looking for a similar seasonal job myself! Some may find it kind of odd, but I love those road trips, sleeping in the car, and waking up to a new place every day. A new adventure. Meeting new people who have interesting and diverse stories to tell, make traveling so much more magical. Also, having someone to share it with allows you to experience more than you would on your own. I wish you both the best of luck on your adventure! The photos are beautiful by the way!


  2. Your adventure is something I wish to have. How awesome is that, waking up to something new each day and exploring what America or even the world has to offer you? It something you would only see in movies; traveling with the one you love,meeting new people, sleeping in your car and waking up each day to explore new places. If you and your girlfriend have the opportunity to go out the county and work, TAKE IT! Here lately, I have been contemplating on becoming a flight attendant just so I can live my own adventure and experience the stuff/places that you and your girlfriend experience on daily basis. Safe travels as y’all adventure out together.


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