My Journey


It is hard for me to believe that I am doing this again. When I say “this” I mean “school.” I grew up in a home where my family always told me that I was either going to be a doctor or a lawyer when I grew up. I don’t do bad smells so lawyer it was. I graduated high school in 2003 when I was 15 and went straight to college. I received by first Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies and began working in a law firm. I took a break from school while I was working full time and life continued to happen. I married, had children and school was no longer the priority. I worked in a large corporate firm for several years. I divorced. I moved to a different city. I quit my job. I did all these things within a year and a half time. I was determined to start a new life for my children and I. However, after all the hard decisions I had made thus far I still was not living for myself. I was still trying to live the life that my family wanted for me; not the life I wanted. Last year I started my own business doing something I love and although it hasn’t made me rich financially it makes me happy. I can provide for my kids and now I am able to pursue my dream. I contacted the University of Texas at Arlington and thankfully I was accepted and have been able to receive scholarships with the grades I have from my previous education. I went to my family and informed everyone that it was never my dream to be a lawyer but rather to be an English professor. While they were not happy initially, they have accepted my decisions and support me. All of this brings me here. I am taking supplemental classes to help me prepare to complete my Bachelor’s degree in English to later pursue a master degree and later a doctorate. My goal is to teach English. I am thankful that I have been given this opportunity and my only advice is to never give up. So, after all this time, I have gone back to school. Therefore, it’s hard to believe, I thought that I would never be able to do this and yet here I am.


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  1. I loved your post! Your story is truly inspirational. I know so many people that take a break from school because life happens and eventually there are more important priorities in life. This makes it almost impossible to find time to go back to school while you have hundreds of other things to worry about. I was very moved when you mentioned all the difficult things that happened in your life, yet you still found the strength to keep moving forward. I am so happy that you decided to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy, without worrying what others want for you. I bet your kids and family are so proud of you! You are truly a great example and role model for others.


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