My Greatest Adventure

If you would have asked me 3 years ago, where and what I’d be doing after I graduated high school, I honestly would not know what my answer would be. Just graduating high school for me was a big deal considering that no one in my family ever had. My parents immigrated to America to give their children a better life and future. Growing up I knew not one word in English and school was always my greatest challenge in life. Despite that all, I had a dream bigger than I ever thought possible. That dream was to attend my dream university, but so many people told me I could never achieve that, and that I was dreaming bigger than what was attainable. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to believe everyone else and just quit. I thought, they’re right there’s no way I can afford to go to college and I probably won’t even get accepted.

Things continued like this until one night I had a dream of receiving my acceptance letter in the mail and it was fast forwarding through my future all up to my graduation from my dream university. The look of pride radiated from my parent’s faces and with tears in my eyes I was able to walk the stage to get my diploma. As soon as I woke up BAM! I knew what I had to do. I worked harder than I ever did for anything else. I applied to many colleges and although I feared that it was a disadvantage to be a first generation and minority student, I did it anyways…

Sitting here today sharing my greatest adventure with you all, I want you to know if you put all your love and effort into something, Dreams CAN come true. I am proud to say I did get accepted and am half-way done with undergrad at Texas Christian University. I am so thankful that every time I fell down, I was able to get right back up and keep going! I can’t imagine how different my life would be today if I didn’t take that chance. So moral of my adventure: take chances and follow your dreams! Even if they seem unattainable.




  1. It is actually motivational to read about the adversity that you overcame by coming to the United States. I couldn’t imagine having to learn a new language after moving to another country. There is great opportunity here in the states and i do hope that you find it. TCU is a great school, I have many friends who attend it. Keep working towards your goals and you will realize that they are closer than you think.


  2. Very inspiring adventure you have, I can relate to it so much since I have lived something very similar. I struggled so much trying to learn English, and my parents were not able to help me. I cannot believe why people would tell you that you were not going to achieve your dreams. Good thing that you did not listen to them, there is always negative people trying limit others potential. Keep working hard and you will soon graduate from TCU. Not too long ago I went to the baseball game where TCU actually defeated UT Arlington, it was a good game but I thought we could have done a little better.


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