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This adventure is real; it is the hardest time in my life but I am also determined to make it the best part of my life. I am a mom of two teenage boys and recently divorced after 20 years of marriage. I was a stay at home mom and worked part time over the years raising my boys, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the house inside and out, helped at their school in PTA, and ran errands for everyone. I feel like I am just starting my life in a sense, but a little differently and on another level. Yes, it will be a challenge for me to accomplish my goal of earning my bachelor’s degree, but I will succeed.

I am not going to lie, I am and was scared to death to go back. I didn’t think I could do it. So now I have a full time job as a teacher assistant and am taking classes I never thought I would like, this class being one. To my surprise, I am really enjoying reading all the stories we have read as well as reading all the students posts. I am actually now excited about learning as much as I can.  I wasn’t the best student in school and wasn’t interested in history or stories of literature in high school or college. Now, I am like a kid again wanting to absorb all the information I can about history, people’s lives and well pretty much anything. I think I am even excited about learning Algebra again, scary right?

I had a chance to watch the movie the “Story of Anne Frank” this week which is one I have been wanting to see for a long time. She was an amazing girl who was full of life and strength that I admire. From early on in her short life she looked at life in a different light then everyone else did. I relate to her because of her happy out take on life. When she just talked to someone it was like she was telling a story every time. She could make anyone light up with her stories and her smile. It was her dreams and desires that kept her going and believing. Even she was the one who comforted adults instead of the other way around. Her mature spirit was rare and special especially in that time of submission of women.

There is a teacher here at my school that actually had the opportunity to visit the secret Annex where Anne and her family hid out for those months. I decided to interview her and get her intake of the whole experience. This is what she had to say:

“It was absolutely amazing.  There is always a long line and no way to skip it, so we were in line for around 3 hours, but all day long on the days they are open the line is that long.  That’s the impact her words have had on people.  They come from all over the world.

When you enter there is a film about her, and then you quietly enter the annex through the same door they entered – the secret door behind the bookshelf.  You go up a narrow staircase into the room that was their main living room.  There are exhibits with pictures of the room when they were in it and items that were left there when they were taken – clothing, dishes, ration books, etc.

In the room Anne started with Margot and then the dentist, the pictures of movie stars she cut out of magazines are still on the wall, protected by glass now.  There is another case that holds some of her original diaries.  After she filled up the first one she wrote in notebooks, scraps of paper, etc., so you get to see her actual handwriting.  You can also look up the flight of stairs to the attic where Peter slept, and there is a mirror there so you can see the room, but they didn’t let us go up.

In the last room there are videos of people who saw her and other family members in the camps before they died, and one of Miep sharing about her conversations with Mr. Frank when he returned.  Out of all the people in the annex, he was the only one to survive the camps.”

Anne Frank and people like Anne Frank are role models that we should look up to and carry out their wishes since they never had the chance. She, like others from our past, can show the younger generation and teach them how to treat each other differently and better than before. I really enjoyed learning about her life. She will inspire me and give me strength to enjoy every little moment and see the positives every day.

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  1. I really enjoy history- especially regarding World War Two. I have not seen the movie”The Story of Anne Frank,” but it is one I feel I would really enjoy. Every time we have talked about her in my classes, I learn something new about her. There is so much we can learn from her. You are so right that she does seem to have an extremely positive outlook in a very dark situation. Hopefully I will get the chance to visit the Annex one day. It is incredible that we are able to connect physically to historical events. We really do need to make sure we remember the events of the past to ensure we do not make the same mistakes again.


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