My Adventure

As of right now, my adventure is on a day to day basis. I am wanting to work hard to have more for my future and hopefully once I get accepted into U.T.A.’s nursing program I can just focus on school. Constantly I remind myself of not settling with where I am at right now, which isn’t bad I just know I am capable of doing more for others. I have never been to happy when it comes to any type of english class. This class has made me more aware of how I need to consider others when it comes to my job. I work as a veterinary technician at basic animal practice and an animal emergency hospital. You never know what type of person will walk through the door and the first thing I do is make an assumption on what they can and or may not be able to afford. With this class I have grown as a person. I am more understanding on what possible background they might of have. Not saying as if I feel sorry for them, but just more considerate. My goal this year is to focus on myself, get my foot in the door at a human hospital, give the most effort to school, and be more aware of my over all health. I thinking going into nursing you should be aware of knowing when you are at your max point of when to much is too much, when being aware that a person may be upset from an incident that of happened, and being aware of myself on how I approach individuals each day. I am very thankful for my family members, fiancé, and friends that support me and tell me each day that it will be all worth it in the end. As my future continues I know it will not be easy, but as long as I grow as a person and my loved ones are by me everything will be fine.


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