Timber Fun

“For all humans who speak up to defend the living things that have no voice.”(Teaching the trees) this is one of my favorite quotes because my love for the outdoors and wildlife. That they don’t have a big say in what we are doing to the world, they can’t speak up and say stop doing this to us we are trying to thrive. The way that we are treating the earth and they are suffering the most for our mistakes is downright wrong and needs to stop. Like for example Iowa has lost 99.9% of its tall grass prairies because of agriculture and just plain human ignores. We have become selfish to the point that we have forgotten that we as human are not the only living thing that is on this earth. There is no other thing in this universe that is like this one that is under our feet. Why I say this because my place that I love to be is the timber around Lake Red Rock. They bring me a lot of joy and adventure going in there and seeing what you’re going to find new. One of my bets memory’s at Lake Red Rock is when I went hunting with my god buddy Zach Moss. It was about 5:30 in the morning and it wasn’t hard at all to get up when it comes to hunting. It really helped that I laid out all my stuff that I was going to put on before I went to sleep. But that the thing I couldn’t sleep I was so excited for the turkey hunt. I laid there and thinking is I going to wake up? Am I going to get a gobbler? It kept me awake for hours until about 2 AM I fell asleep and all was good. It was about sun rise when we got out there it the secret spot that Zach went to a couple of days before when he got his turkey. It was a fairly cool and fogy morning. It was a good day in trying to get a turkey and fill my tag for the last day of the 3rd season. We found a good spot to set up the decoys in a corn field; we were sitting the timber with the trees behind up facing the field. It was cool hearing the birds chirping and sing there morning songs before the day starts. Right when we went down we started to hear the right sound the sound of the turkeys gobbling all around us they were going crazy. I’m my mind I was so confident that I am going to fill my tag. Zach sated to us his turkey calls to starting bring a group in and it was successful it took about an hour and a half before a group of about 5 came in. he told me to get ready and as soon as they came in to my sites he told me to take one but I was using a shot gun that I never used before and did know there was to sights on the gun. So I had to wright for a little bit before I can take the shot. So where they came out a little more I took the shot. A big bang went off I thought I missed but we waited for the smoke to clear. And there on the ground was the turkey that I have been waiting for a long time to get. I was so excited when I see it I finally got what I wanted. I know nature is a big part of my life and killing it isn’t saving the life in some ways. But it is in my way hunters get a lot of flak for killing wild life. But hunters are helping in the conservation of deer and other game that is hunted for. They it’s a part of life that has been done since the begging of time. The turkey isn’t going to be going to waist it’s going to be eaten. In my eyes hunting is a must in to help keep a balance in the outdoors. And I had no shame in killing the bird I knew that it was going to be used and not wasted in any way. This experience that I had with one of my good friends is going to be a memory that I would never forget and hopefully we can do it again next year.


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