My Adventure


My current adventure seems to just focus on school. I am enrolled in nursing school at the University of Texas at Arlington and am on track to graduate in December. It is overwhelming, but I am looking forward to the main rewards it will bring working as a Registered Nurse. I graduated from Texas A&M University last May with a degree in Community Health.(WHOOP!) I decided to immediately enroll in nursing school following graduation, so I have been going to school non-stop for a while now! I can see that the end is near, but sometimes it just feels so far away.


My overall goal is to work in a Children’s Hospital, because I want to work with all those little tiny humans out there! My adventure in nursing school has taught me to never doubt myself, and not to think I can’t improve at something I don’t shine in at first. I have always been a hard worker, but making the grades doesn’t come as easy to me as others. I truly struggle and strive for B’s. It was hard to accept that maybe I wouldn’t be one of the smarter people in the program, but I have learned not to compare myself to others. Just because I don’t have a 4.0 in nursing school doesn’t mean I won’t be as great as a nurse as other people. My overall dream is to start traveling once I am done with school and then settle down somewhere besides Texas. I am only 23, and life is too short to stay in the same place forever. I am looking forward to the day school is off my plate and my mind and body can wander wherever I want! I am ready for more adventures, but without the homework. Traveling and being a registered nurse are my life goals, and that is the biggest adventure I am looking forward to at this moment!

Photo Source:

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