Advice to College Freshmen

As my first year as a college student comes to a close, I am filled with a variety of emotions. I am in awe that I have made it to the finish line. I am saddened that I have to leave my home away from home at Auburn University. I am overjoyed to be back in Texas eating as much Tex-Mex as my heart desires. Looking back on this year, I have learned so much in general and about who I am as a person. I hope that my story will help other students who face similar struggles and friends who are about to embark on the same journey I made not too long ago.

  1. Do NOT choose a college based on where your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend is going. I have seen many breakups that cause on person to go to the college they actually wanted to go to.
  2. In fact, I highly recommend going to a school where you don’t know anyone.IMG_8950
  3. Do NOT room with your best friend if you want to remain best friends.
  4. Regardless of how far you go and how ready you think you are to be out on your own, you will get homesick.
  5. Cry if you need to. People may act like they have it all together- they don’t. Everyone is in the same boat.
  6. It is a massive adjustment- you are responsible for not only feeding yourself, but also getting the food to do so. You are responsible for finding a two hour time block to do your laundry, taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, and doing the dishes.
  7. I know everyone says to go talk to your professors, but seriously. GO TALK TO THEM! AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER! Don’t try to go the week before the final exam.
  8. Freshman 15. It’s a real thing. This goes back to buying groceries- your mom isn’t there to take the double stuffed oreos and tub of chocolate chip cookie dough out of the buggy.
  9. If you want to be active, you have to make it a priority.
  10. STUDY a little bit at a time. Cramming will not be as effective in the long run- especially if the final exam is cumulative.
  11. Ask the cute boy (or girl) in your dorm to your formal. It might just work out!IMG_1860.JPG
  12. However, do not think that hooking up with the cute boy/girl in your dorm is a good idea. It’s not. You don’t want to spend the rest of the year awkwardly not acknowledging what happened. Plus, everyone will figure it out.
  13. Balance your schedule as much as you can. Don’t take 6 super hard classes all at once. Give yourself a break by taking an elective.
  14. You do not have to drink to have a good time.
  15. Get involved!! It is a great way to meet new people.
  16. BUT- don’t over involve yourself. I signed up for about 20 organizations and joined about 14 of them. Those meetings, plus events, plus classes, plus studying, plus staying active, plus a social life, plus sleep. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Believe me I tried.
  17. Carry an umbrella with you at all times. Getting stuck walking to class in the rain then trying to sit through an hour lecture is just not fun.
  18. Trust in the Lord. Prayer is oh so powerful.
  19. Find a church home and a small group.
  20. Have fun. I wish I could go back and tell my about to be a college freshman self all these things and more. You can do it. It will be hard sometimes, but you will find a great support system.

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