Adventure is Out There!


“Adventure is out there!”- Ellie. My favorite quote from the Disney Pixar film, Up. This particular quote gives life to many of my past and future dreams. One of them was being a wife, another one being a mother, and then there’s my dream I used to call my insurmountable adventure.

I was still a student at TCC in 2010 when I met the man of my dreams, my very own Fabio as I like to call him. He swept me off my boots and later we created our own adventurous leap in 2012 by getting married! Soon after, nine long craved months went by and we were blessed with a new, rather expensive, adventure. A sweet gal came into our lives and changed our world. In the process of all this I was still trying to finish school while working full time at FWISD.

When I started working at FWISD in 2010, I found a perfect connection within myself and my job, like two puzzle pieces perfectly put together. I found that teaching little minds was what I wanted to do. I would often visit la la land and dream of myself being a bilingual teacher and instilling nothing but success in my Kindergarten students in my Up themed classroom! But this dream was a dream that became an insurmountable one. I took time off from school often because I wanted to spend more with the important people in my life, my family. I would always convince myself that I couldn’t afford a bachelor’s degree, and well college degrees would not be found in my family tree. When my daughter was born though, I realized I was a MOMMY! I was the figure in her life to set high standards, provide, care, and love her. I wanted to be the positive change in my family for a more successful future. I quickly realized how important school was for my future and my family’s.

I am now fulfilling my insurmountable adventure with the support of husband. I obtained my Associate of Arts in June 2016 and will complete my Associates in Arts in Teaching June of 2018. I have been accepted to Texas Tech and will start their Multidisciplinary Studies program in July of 2018. I’ll be honest, I literally cried when I got the news for many reasons. One, I never saw myself getting this far. Two, I am the first generation of my family to have completed a college degree or bachelor’s degree. Three, August of 2018 I will actually have my very own Up themed classroom. Lastly, I have set a strong standard for my daughter. Dreams are adventures for you to achieve, no matter the obstacles!

Carn, Billie. Want to be Inovative- Nurture your Curiosity. 06 Oct 2016. Accessed 26 Apr 2017.


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