My own adventure (Blog #4)

My biggest adventure that I am currently going through is raising two kids and finishing school. My daughter is six years and my son just turned four months, he was born in December of 2016. This semester is actually the first semester that I have returned to school full time. I had stopped going once my daughter turned 3 due to bills and life basically. But when I realized that I had a little man on my way I decided that I would not go back to work and just finally knock out school. I’m the only member in my family that still has not graduated but we have family bond their strength has definitely pushed me through this semester. I had originally signed up to take this semester easy but in the end I ended up taking 5 classes which will lead me to finish in two years. And even though having a newborn and taking 5 classes is no easy task I can honestly say that the struggle is definitely worth it. Beginning in the fall semester I will be going to Tarleton full time and will be one step closer to becoming a Math teacher which is my true passion. I had to do in school tutoring this year and it definitely opened up my eyes to realize that being a teacher is my true calling. Being able to teach something new and being able to show the students how they can use it to impact the world definitely is something that pushes me through this journey. I really love being able to put all these different inspiring experiences in my little adventure that I call my life. My son is starting to roll over and those who have children know how even the littlest accomplishment means the world. It is these moments that I wish to replay over and over but then another amazing thing happens and I cannot wait to see what else my teaching career & family brings into my life.



  1. I think it is cool that you went back to school even though you have kids. I know you are doing it for them and for you. I respect that you are going to become a school teacher because math is hard! I am an engineer major so I have taken calculus 1, 2, and 3. Even now I am taking linear algebra and differential equations. Some people say they will go back to school and never go back. I have never taken off and I think that the fact that I don’t have kids yet really has not put many obstacles ahead of me and has me concentrated on just school. So keep up what you are doing you will accomplish your goals. I will do the same we will be someone in life.


  2. You go girl! It is so hard being a new mommy again and hitting the books around baby’s schedule. I can remember my very first class back to school started the day I had my son. I was in the hospital that very night cracking the books just excited to be going back to school and learning! You are going to be an awesome math teacher and are so lucky to have the love and support of your family! I know it seems like a lot now but just think about when you’re all done- you’ll have a rewarding career your children can admire.


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