My Adventure

My biggest adventure right now is I am currently in the Department Of Public Safety State Trooper academy in Austin Texas. Being a State Trooper has always been a dream of mine. I can remember being young and seeing their squad cars and getting exicted. Even to this day I get a big rush when I see the squad cars here at the academy where i’m currently almost 3 months into the academy. This process was a very, very hard and long road to journey down. It took 6 months from the time I applied until the day I got the job offer for me to be hired. It’s a very prestige law enforcement academy and they choose only who they feel will make the best fit. Prior to this academy I served four years in the army so to me I feel that I had a foot in the door when accepting this offer. Let me say though this academy has NOT been easy. It’s been the hardest physical training I have ever been through. There are day’s my body feels like it won’t make it through another minute of training yet it always does. To say though that the physical part is the worst would be an understatement though. The absoutely hardest part was leaving my wife and two kids behind in order to achieve my career I have always wanted. I almost feel as if I’m selfish for leaving them because I know that it is not easy for my wife or children to not have me there.  It’s also hard mentally for me to be away because I know I’m missing out on so many precious moments of my childrens lives that I’ll never get back. My wife has been doing an excellent job of holding down the “home front” while I’ve been away. She’s an incredible woman who I have no idea why chose me as her husband, but I will be forever grateful that she did. My children are 4 and 18 months and believe me it’s not been easy on them. Especially my 4 year old because she’s had to endure me leaving before with the military. This time though she know’s i’m gone and knows that she isn’s able to speak to me excpet on the weekends when I’m able to go home for a visit. This journey has had man obstacles but has been so rewarding in so many ways. It’s giving me the opportunity to persue a dream of mine and to provide for my family in way’s I didn’t imagine I could do. I know it makes my family uneasy knowing that I’m risking my life everyday for their’s but their support and gratitude is what gives me the urge to do this job. I am not yet getting ahead of myself as it does take a lot to stay in this academy and not quit. It takes a lot of energy and mental preparedness to finish this school, but when I get to the finish line in August it’s going to be the best reward I could ever give myself and do for my family. It’s my adventure that I sought out to achieve. trooper



  1. I just want to say that I am very proud of you for beginning the journey into law enforcement, it is a long and diffcult road indeed but I believe you will it will all be worth it when you finish your training. I think you will have an exciting career ahead of you and I look forward to seeing you flourish. My grandfather was a State Trooper for twenty years and he said he loved his job more and more everyday, I hope you find the same to be true my friend. Thank you for your past service and for your future service to this country as well, God bless you.


  2. I admire that you have been able to get the dream that you have always wanted. I know that being in Law enforcement of any kind is very difficult not only on you in the field but also on your family. Now a day people do not see the law for what they are, they only see them for the bad publicity that they have been receiving lately.
    I can not imagine the things that you are going to have to go through before you graduate in August, but I know that in the end, you will be happy with the choice that you made. Knowing that you fulfilled your childhood dream and are able to help keep your family safe everyday, is all the reward that you will need. god bless you and your family through this time of separation and as you enter the field.


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