My Adventure


The adventure I will have this summer is the adventure me and my friends enjoy every summer. We register every summer to play in a tournament called the HoopItUp. It is a three on three tournament. We have been playing in it for about 12 years now. Every year is a different adventure. It is also a new challenge that I look forward to. The day before the tournament I feel like a little kid again because of the excitement it brings to me. Basketball is my favorite sport and I play maybe about twice a week after I work out at the gym. When I play at the gym it is always fun but at the HoopItUp it is on a different level. I am a competitive person who hates to lose. What makes it fun is you don’t know what to expect from every team that you will play because obviously you have not seen them play before. Once I have that ball in my hands it is all about winning. I am Hispanic so when people see me at first they do not take me serious because people of my background is only good at soccer. I like that look on their face when I start shooting and making three pointers in their face. Also, the look on their face when I use a spin move to shake them off of me and go for a layup. That is why I do not under estimate anyone on the court because someone that does not look like they can play might be really good. In the 12 years me and my friends have been playing in the HoopItUp we have won the championship three times and lost in the finals twice. I know that we are not going to win all the time but every new challenge makes it an adventure.



  1. I really like the route that you went down for this assignment, a future adventure that you are anticipating and excited about. I wish me and my friends would have a tradition like this but they are too lazy. How can I get into this tournament? It sounds like a lot of fun, I too love basketball and I am a very competitive person no matter what the contest I hate to lose. If you could email me back or even reply to this thread that would be awesome as I would love to get me and my friends involved in this tournament, if you don’t have the time I understand, good luck in the tournament this summer man.


    • Yea Man the tournament is called the HoopItUp. It’s a 3 on 3 competition. Go to their web site to check when the next date they will hold this tournament.

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