Am I an American?

American Flag

Even though I am Hispanic I do consider myself an American because I was obviously born her in Texas. My parents are from Mexico and I have visited their land and it makes me grateful that they brought me to this country full of opportunities. I am not saying that I do not like where they are from because I do like to visit but it is not the U.S. When I go to Mexico I notice how different the streets are. It is a Pueblo that has many people on the streets and wearing old clothes but the people there are more together for people that do not have many opportunities to get out of poverty. As an American we have rights here that benefits everyone who takes advantage of them. Like for example: I work for the Walmart Distribution Center and some of the benefits I have are medical, dental, stock purchase and 401K. I have had incidents where I needed to go to the doctor and having insurance helps so much. I barely have to pay out of pocket. Dental is important because I like to take care of my teeth. As an American I have to right to go to college after high school. There are not a lot of people that embrace this opportunity. They rather work at fast food places, construction and other low paying jobs. There are scholarships and grants available for the taking to help pay for school. A chance to make 75k a year instead of 30k? Yea thank you I want to live the American dream and have a wife with kids, nice cars, a beautiful home and buy anything else that I would like. Being an American means the world to me because of all of the opportunities that are here for the taking. I am truly blessed to be born here America.


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  1. Reading your post reminded me of something the respected investor, Warren Buffett says: Birth is a lottery, and being born in America is like getting a winning lottery ticket.
    There are lots of opportunities in this country, and your dual nationality, and split identity reminds me of conversations I have with my children. I have to balance our Nigerian identity and culture with our American identity. It gets tough. I know. I have been there. Is it easy to make it in Americ? no. But with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything you want to achieve in this country. Please remain in touch with your Mexican heritage. Our diversity in this country is our strength. I note the interesting point you made that in Mexico, even though the folks you saw were poor, they were happy. I see the same thing when I visit home in Nigeria. It just proves that there is more to happiness and fulfilment in life than how many zeroes we have in our bank balance.


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