My own Adventure

(Blog Post #4)

This semester is my last one at TCC, been going the the college roughly two years by now and I am not to sure how to feel about my leaving. I will be transferring to the University of North Texas, to double major in Media Arts under Audio Engineering and Audiology. So far I find myself doing pretty well, when compared to most people my age, I work two jobs, fridge is stocked with semi-healthy food and I have the confidence that I will reach my long term goals I have set for myself. I mostly want to focus more of my attention to Audio Engineering for my love of music and being around it all the time and mixing it is something I have always dreamed about as a young kid. I started learning to play the guitar at 12 years old, my older brother taught me the basics that every guitarist should know and simple songs my small fingers were able to play. He was at his last semester at UNT and had to move back to Denton, he had shown me everything he could at the time and from then on, I taught myself everything I know on guitar. I really enjoy learning, an wanted to expand my knowledge of musical instruments and picked out a Cajon. A Cajon is an instrument which you sit on and is made of wood. It made to be beat on similar to a drum on a thinner side of the box, I had a very easy time learning the Cajon for its simplicity. Now I am currently learning to play the piano, which is very hard to teach yourself because how different it is from the guitar. I want to be an Audio Engineer for my love of music, yes every one will tell you the same thing, that they love music, but only a few actually pursue the career, which is kind of sad because there is so much untapped talent in the world. Audiology is interesting to me, I am really bad at science but when it comes to the study of sound and hearing, I can tell you a lot about that. I am better at explaining the acoustics of instruments and the environment because that is what I am most familiar with. I cannot afford the programs for recording and mixing so I turned to learning everything by ear, and I want to share my interest in sound with others by aiding them in hearing. Under Audiology, I wish to work at Cooks to help small deaf kids in hearing the wonderful sounds that they are missing out on. Sound and music are two of the greatest gifts we are given, it allows us to express and feel our emotions and get us through rough times in our lives. To work and share my love for sound is truly an adventure I want to see to the end.



  1. That is wonderful. I’m sure with the passion that you have you will be able to get to where you want to be. Don’t let anything get in the way and don’t let anyone ruin the dream for you. It’s always scary or sad to close a chapter in our lives and move to the next but we have to always look forward to the great things to come and to the great things that we will create for ourselves. I graduated from TCC a few years ago and transferred to UT Arlington where I got my bachelors last year. I’m working to apply to dental school and I am terrified of it. Scared of applying. Scared of being rejected. Scared of started if I get accepted. But what ever happens I know that it will be for the best or I will make it the best myself.


  2. I think that it is cool that you are doing a double major at UNT. You seem to have a lot of ambition and determination to accomplish your goals. You are working two jobs and I respect that. There will be a few bumps in the road for you but i’m sure you have what it takes to get past them. I mean you got this far already doing what you are suppose to be doing. I currently attend UT Arlington and I am majoring in electrical engineering. It has been difficult but it is what i expected. I am close to accomplishing my goals so I am going to keep striving for success. You should too. It will well worth it when you have those degrees in your hands.


  3. I really like your blog and thank you for being honest. I love music so much and I think that it is great that you are learning to plan different instruments to go with your love for music. It is amazing the kind of things you are going to do especially since you seem to have so much passion for what you are doing. I think the greatest thing that a human can do for another is to help them in any way possible and you helping those kids hear music is important and amazing of you. So thank you so much for taking time to learn a skill that is going to benefit the future especially since it involves music.


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