i went to the Dallas museum of art today and one american artist that caught my attention was Clementine hunter. and it was titled “Saturday nite”   in the painting you can see lots of African american of all ages hanging out in a lawn   in front of what looks like a house. they all seem to be enjoying themselves with the little things and also seem to be dreaming. the artwork was done in 1971. i was reading into Clementine’s history and when she was a child she was born into slavery so she grow up working around the cotton fields or serving at houses. well one day she was cleaning up around one of her owners homes who happen to be a painter, she noticed that there where allot of halfway paints in the trashed, so she took them and began painting in her free time. i’m not sure what was really her first but this one makes me think about how things where for blacks back then.  they did not have much but they made due with whatever they received. but they knew they deserved much more than they we given. that is why in the painting it looks like people are dreaming of another life. clementine first started sealing  her paintings around the streets for low prices until she got older and was founded and became a famous author. it also remind me of all of the stories that we read over white supremacy  even though we have it today, back then it was so much worst.  no one should ever go though the pain the they did just because your skin in different and no one should ever think they are better than some one because they think their skin color in better. we are all one and equal.


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