I visited the Sid Richardson Museum in Fort Worth. The exhibit was awesome with many different painting that Mr. Richardson had collected over his life time; however, not all of his collections were displayed. The exhibit was named Legacy that had many paintings from Frederic Remington and Charles Marion Russell. Most of their paintings in the exhibit were a western theme with cowboys and Native Americans. It was the old west America paintings that attracted me to explore the Sid Richardson Museum. I’m not an artistic person; however, I appreciate art and value the deep meaning of the artist’s work.

The connection that I was to make with what I seen at the museum is Like Mexicans by Gary Soto. This short story is about Mr. Soto and his love for someone that is not Mexican. He became in love with a Japanese woman named Carolyn and loving someone outside of his race went against his mother and grandmother desire. He was told to marrying a Mexican. However, he went against their wishes and married Carolyn. Mr. Soto had to meet Carolyn’s mother and father before they were able to marry. During his visit with her parents he observed that they were normal poor people just like his family. He noticed that they served American food such as sandwiches and chips with tea. They lived on a farm with an old rusty car and he described their house with dust everywhere and the outside had chipped paint. I believe Mr. Soto went into the situation thinking that Carolyn’s family was going to be so much different from his culture.

Like Mexicans relates to the paintings from the exhibit by the way the Cowboys and the Native Americans had a lot of trouble when the first settlers came to the Americas. The Natives didn’t know who they were or where they came from, but most of them believed they were Gods. I believe a particular painting really made me think of the short story, Like Mexicans. The panting was called Captain William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expeditions Meeting with the Indians of the Northwest, this piece depict the first meeting of the two different cultures, European and Native American. The painted shows Clark stepping forward to shake hands with the leader. It entailed the two different worlds coming together.  Although the ending of the Cowboys and the Native Americans history wasn’t so much like the outcome of Mr. Soto observation when he meet with Carolyn’s family. I ponder about what if the early settlers had continued to get along with the Native Americans. American history would have been changed.  I truly enjoyed the art museum and it was very interesting to me. I loved that I had the opportunity to go to the museum.


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