Julie Meetal- Out of Ashes


I recently visited the Dallas Holocaust Museum and I have to say, it’s definitely one of the best museums I’ve visited. The Dallas Holocaust Museum is dedicated to teach people the tragic events and stories that occurred during the Holocaust. Their goal is to “advance human rights to combat prejudice, hatred and indifference”, which I think ties in very nicely with our recent lessons discussed in class with human rights and prejudice. Walking through the many exhibits I remember Julie Meetal’s exhibit “Out of Ashes” immediately caught my eye. Julie Meetal’s story stuck close to me because I could feel her passion and emotions through her artwork. She is the daughter of survivors of the Holocaust and remembers hearing the stories on how her family had to fight to live every single day.

img18_Memories These are two of Julie Meetal’s Paintings. The top one is titled “Memories” she describes this painting, as the time passes by she can still experience the unescapable sensations that were present. She said when she closes her eyes she feels like her family is united again. I find it fascinating that all of her emotions can be portrayed through a painting.                         The second painting is called “Mama, tell me another story”, she explains that in this painting she wanted to tell the story of her mother, aunt, and grandmother together in Auschwitz. They were very frightened and could smell the ashes and hear people panicking. I was so sad when she reveals that her grandmother was “exterminated” because she was too old to be used for heavy labor.mamas-story

Without a doubt Julie Meetal’s artwork will continue to impact and teach people the harsh truth about life during the Holocaust. She states that :

“My intention of my paintings and sculptures is to give a voice to all those who have perished.“Let the world know,”
“Do not forget us.”

-Julie Meetal




  1. I have been to the Holocaust Museum twice. Once with our art class in high school about six or seven years ago and another time few months ago to take a friend. It is an amazing yet sad place to be in. It takes you back in history, opens your eyes and, hopefully if you pay attention, it drains the ignorance and hate out of you. It shows what unjustified fear, hatred and prejudice leads to. I find the second painting very interesting. It has bits and pieces of important things relating to this horrific event and only if you have studied and learned about what happened you can know how significant every piece of that art is


  2. I have not had the opportunity to visit this particular museum. You helped me create a great mental image of your visit to the museum. It sounds like it has great art pieces that have a lot of character and prove real emotions from the artists. I do recall learning a little about the Holocaust in school and watching the film The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. If you haven’t watched that film I think you would find it interesting watching Holocaust events though the eyes of children from two different backgrounds. These events in history were heartbreaking to see and hurtful to learn about. The painting with names “Mama Tell Me a Story” gives Julie Meetal’s message its justice.


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