American Artwork

Due to life happening and me getting the stomach flu, I have been in bed sick all week. I was unable to go visit a local museum. I did have lots of time however to look up a lot of fascinating and powerful artwork from our time period online. The pictures I really enjoyed looking at were pictures about immigration and black lives matter. The pictures and their meanings go hand in hand with what we are talking about in class. America is a country made up of immigrants. America is supposed to be a land where people of all colors are free and equal. Sadly, our society has lots of problems and we live in a country where white supremacy and white privilege is real. As I’ve read our stories/poems from class every week, it has opened my eyes to the struggles non-white people face living in America. African Americans’ have to worry about being gunned down by a police officer for no reason just because of their skin color. Mexican-Americans face this on-going culture battle where they feel like they do not belong in America or Mexico. Mexicans face a lot to get to America. They leave behind their family and culture for a new way of life. Adapting to a new culture can be very overwhelming and hard to do. Americans need to stand by one another and help each other out. If we see something wrong, we need to speak up and fight for what is right to help make America be the best place to live. Americans need to be welcoming and realize everyone is equal regardless of one’s skin color.
You can see the struggles American face in the paintings below.

Dáreece Walker’s “Made in the USA” self-portrait

Mr. Walker says this self-portrait means, “I am made in the USA but somehow I’m not treated as a full American. I’m treated as a black American, like cardboard, disposable, easily replaced.” You can see the struggle and confusion in this painting. He knows he was born in America and is an American but does not get treated as an equal in society.

© adria fruitos

Adria Fruitos paints this symbol of a white police officer’s weapon producing a black stain. Adria Fruitos says this symbolizes fatal error and horror. This is showing there is a problem in America with white police officers shooting and spilling black, “African American”, blood.

Above is a painting called, “Voices of Hope”, by Reyna Garcia. In this picture you can see the struggles of a man leaving behind his family and his culture to come to America. He is going to be faced with learning to adapt to a new culture and this can be very changeling.


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