American Art

weeping-eagle-god-blessWhen looking at art I see many different interpretations on what a canvas can represent, to me art is clearly a form of expression. I love art and painting different things I love to see the beauty that artist convey with their work it is pure enjoyment for me. I often love to visit places that has true artwork outside or on the walls I guess you can say that I am at tuned with Art it has always been a passion of mines. When I look over the art work from Remembering 911 it has often put me in reach with the Langston Hughes reading “Let America be America Again”. It symboloizes that dream that we are wanting to restore our country and make it a better place then where it has been. When I look at the weeping eagle who is the bird of our nation and I see him crying it makes me think of how Langston Hughes was trying to make us feel what he was feeling when he was writing this poem. It make syou think about our country being loved again, a country that was broken into pieces and gently restored by the hands of Americans. By the hands of the other people who cares for other fellow Americans.

It also makes you think of the part when he says he is a young man full of strength and hop and when seeing the images of the firefighters so eager to help is what make sme think of that. But as I look into the background and see the destruction it makes me think of how hungry Langston Hughes was about the dream he was having, of a man who never really got ahead. For all the dreams we’ve dreamed and all the hopes we held. And all the flags we hung. Makes me reflect to the bad things that went on during the time on Semptember 11th. A time when American was at a all time low a time when every American who had a heart showed support and remorse for what had happened to our country. A time when you can relate to what Langston Hughes was saying when he stated “We, the people, must redeem the land, the mines, the plants, the Rivers.The Mountains and the endless plain—all, all the stretch of these great green states—And make America again! artwork



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