There is a painting that is in the Minnesota museum. I have seen it when I visited my sister. It is a cluster of colors, brush strokes and just random angles. In the painting, I can see the symbolism of chaos, but also acalming essence.

I have some Cherokee Indian in my history and when I look at this painting it makes me think of the sun as it is setting but also the scene left behind after a wild animal kills something. I know that I may be the only person but I see the outline and image of a wolf when I am looking at this painting. To me this is symbolic that no matter the chaos or hard time you have in your life, you will manage to always come out on top of the situation and with a small pack of people who are always there for you. This may be in part because I grew up with my grandmother and the German Shepards that were our guards and protectors.

Art is an expression of the individual and the feelings that they either can not put into words or may be afraid of what others may say or think of them if they do. To me in the collage of colors and brush strokes in the painting, you can see the time and detail that was put into the painting.

In the second painting that I feel inspired by, you have a African, female with the colors red, white and blue across the painting. I picked this painting because of the reading that we just finished. This painting is a representation of the what it is like to be an American. In the background you have the gender and the race of the person, but in the front view is the American flag. African American Art, Afrocentric Art, Modern Urban Art, African American Artwork, Afro Art, Tribal Wall Art Print, Red, white, blue

I feel like this is the representation that all people who are in American need to be see for who they are. She is a beautiful woman, with cross earrings on, has dreadlocks and appears to be happy. We need to see all paintings as the painter intended. In a world of such hate and discrimination, it is an amazing painting and such an inspiration for all women of any color.  To be seen and not heard is not how women should be, we should be able to be seen as well as speak up and defend ourselves.


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