Modern History

th The Fort Worth modern art museum is full of a wide range of exhibitions. Lorna Simpson is known for her artistically staged photographs that question the preconceived ideas of race and sexual identity.  She is an African- American who was born in 1960 in Brooklyn, New York. Her photos appeal to be vintage which she eventually paints over the photograph for detail. The works of Lorna Simpson relate a lot to James Baldwin and Audrey Lorde. They all compare in many ways including where and how they grew up. Both Baldwin and Lorde are prominent civil rights activist who use their writings to speak out against the racial hate in our society. Simpson shows a new way of thinking amongst social activist. She expresses her multicultural existence and conceptually shows the prejudice perspectives of others. Lorna Simpson often includes brief passages of text over her works. She uses a variety of different artistic traits such as photography, painting, and writing. In Audrey Lorde’s poem, “Power” she asserts, “thirsting for the wetness of his blood, as it sinks into the whiteness, of the desert where I am lost, without imagery or magic, trying to make power out of hatred and destruction, trying to heal my dying son with kisses, only the sun will bleach his bones quicker”. Lorde speaks of the isolation she experienced by being both lesbian and African-American. These writings resemble a lot of what Lorna Simpson is trying to express through her work.

Lorna Simpson relates to many writers that we have discussed in class and expresses a lot of the same feelings towards prejudice ideas of race and sexuality. Lorna Simpson, James Baldwin, and Audrey Lorde all relate because of the alienation they express through their works. They all metaphorically and realistically illustrate their social isolation from the rest of society. Lorna Simpson’s work has influenced a wide range of different art and continues to do so.


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