Growing up, I always like to look at art, but I never really appreciated it as much as I do now. If you’re just looking at it with a closed mind, it is simply just paint on a canvas. but if you look closely and pay attention, there is a story being told within the artwork.

Similar to the Discussion Post I did for Sin Fronteras, my perception from reading the poems and actually hearing them was totally different. It’s the same thing with art, after looking at it with a more opened mind, it looks totally different. you begin to notice all of the minor details within the painting, color stands out more and the painting becomes more beautiful. Art isn’t just supposed to be pleasing to the eye, it is supposed to be understood. We as the people viewing the artwork are supposed to be able to understand just what the artist is trying to depict. Sometimes it is harder to truly tell what story is being told in a painting, especially in and abstract work of art.

I wasn’t able to visit an art museum for this blog post. But I did some really amazing art online, and one piece that stood out the most to me was “Every Woman” by Monica Stewart. At first glance I didn’t get what the painting was depicting but the the longer I looked at it the more I understood and the more beautiful became. This painting is highlighting the beauty of all women of African descent regardless of their shade or hue.



  1. This is such a beautiful piece of art with a powerful message. Simply stunning. It really highlights the point many of us made on this week’s discussion post in regards to Hispanic/Latino men and women sharing so much in regards to their story and languages but they are very culturally diverse. It also reminds me of the video where the host questions people on the street, showing them photos of women who are visually different to drive home the point that they could all be Latino, they could all be Hispanic or they could all be Spanish. Great post, It was a pleasure to read.


  2. This is a really nice piece of art. It reminds me of the discussion post of which one is Hispanic or Latino. There is really no way of knowing which of these women is black because there are those that a black or African decent but still look Caucasian. Where I come from there are African that are Caucasian and have the same accent as me, an African. This picture can also bring up a point of race. Race does not seem to matter in this picture. All these women care less of each other’s race but rather the closeness and oneness. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you


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