What does it mean to be an American.

(Blog Post #1) To be an American, by many it is to be successful through wealth and power. Others argue that success is achieved by knowing yourself and doing what you enjoy. But my personal view of what an American is, it is to be successful in being happy and enjoy what you do but how that status is gained is very important. Not everyone in this country is born in the same status as others, people can be born poor, rich or in the middle class and the path of success is different for the classes of people but they are all given the same opportunity. People born into poor families are starting off with the most disadvantages, they may not afford the proper materials to gain an efficient education, such as a car to get to work or unable to afford university. The lower class have to dig them selves out from the hole they are in and it is true that they do have to work harder than the other two classes of people, but it is a great accomplishment for one to go from rags to riches by working hard in their education and labor. Those in the middle class can go both ways, depending on whether or not if they take the opportunity of being successful and making the right decisions to keep them on that path. The upper class usually do not have as much of a hard time as the other two classes of people, they have better access to money more than the other two classes of people. Usually their parents providing them what they need to be successful in this country such as jobs or materials. But no matter what class people are born into, the opportunity to be successful is still the same for all of them, anyone can be successful in their life, but they need to want it and make the right choices in their life so that they do not stray from the path. Choices is what makes the United States a great country and it is all thanks to the people who defend our rights over seas. I have chosen to work hard by working two jobs and getting an education. I am resisting the temptations that may lead me astray from my path of being successful. I may not be living the most fun life most dream about in this country, but you have to work hard to play hard.


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  1. this is a good idealization of ones point of view on what it is like to be an american. i love how you bring us the different classes that we have in this country, as in blue collar of white collar. I agree that if you want something in live you have to go get it, it is not just going to come to you. even if you are born in the richest family you still have a choice in the path you take in life weather it be good or bad. but that is the whole american dream is the ability to do what you want with your life, but you still have to be accountable for your actions.


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