Don’t let anyone keep you from doing what you believe in.

(Blog Post #2) When we are young, our parents tell us that we can be anything we want to be, but what most do not tell their children are the road blocks stopping you from accomplishing our dreams. The movie I chose to watch for this blog post is called “Dope” by Nigerian-American film director, Rick Famuyiwa .

This movie really shows how much people can struggle when they have dreams but are caught up in situations that keeps them from making progress in their lives. Dope is about a high school senior named Malcolm Adekanbi and his three best friends, Jib and Diggy, where they are depicted as “geeks” for their interest in 1980s-90s culture. They live in a rundown part of California where crime is high and gangs run his neighborhood in Inglewood. Malcolm is wanting to attend his dream school of Harvard University and is confident in his chances because of his high academic abilities and determination. He is berated by his school counselor because how run down the high school is and how low the graduation rate is. He suggests the student to be more realistic about his choice in university because of how run down the school is “Harvard will never admit a student from this city” telling Malcolm. But Malcolm does not let his counselor belittle him since he managed to set up a meeting with an advisor from Harvard, Austin Jacoby. Austin was interested in meeting Malcolm due to the fact that he was from a not so friendly part of Inglewood and able to have so many academic accomplishments in his resume. But Malcolm is stopped by a local drug dealer, Dom, asking Malcolm to invite a girl named Nakia to his party. Nakia finds Malcolm’s nerdy personality charming and will only go to the party so long Malcolm goes as well, Jib encouraging the three go ,which he agrees to. While at the party, a gang is producing a drug named Molly. The molly is given to one members of the gang, even a gun just in case anything goes south. But before the dealer can make off with the backpack holding the Molly and gun, sirens and red and blue lights begin to be heard and seen through windows. The dealer sees Malcolm and gives the backpack to him because the police would never search him because of how out of place he appears. Malcolm makes off with the backpack by running through the backyard and hopping the fence into an ally, making his way back home with his friends. Thus begins the plot where Malcolm, Jib and Diggy have to make sure they are not caught with the Molly and labeled as drug dealers, which would destroy the chances of him getting into Harvard. But with the help of Bitcoins and the Black Market, his slowly gets rid of the drug by selling the drug discreetly, where no records can be traced.

I really enjoy movies where a child has big dreams and there is a road block keeping them from achieving it such as growing up in a run down part of town or being put down by someone. Anyone and everyone can have a dream in this country but the achieve it is the most difficult part because of choices we must make and things we cannot control, but if they are determined enough and work hard, they can achieve anything.


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