Blog Post 4: Short Story Sequel

Jake had been feeling very guilty about what he did when his court day was coming right around the corner. He almost felt the only thing that would make him feel better was if he gets caught and has to serve his time for stealing from someone. He could not stop thinking about the random day at the park when he found someone’s wallet. He can not stop thinking about why he did not turn it in and avoid the whole situation. He starts to think about how he did not even need the stuff he bought with the man’s credit card and how wrong and stupid of an idea it was. Oh how he wishes he could redo everything and start that day over, but he can’t and now Jake awaits the judge to determine his future.

Jake can’t stop thinking about the fact that this could be his last time in a court room because if he is convicted theres no way he will be able to become a lawyer like his father sitting right next to him, oh how disappointed he is. Jake finally sees the judge walk through the room and rises out of his seat to greet him until the judge orders everyone to take their seats. Jake’s heart is beating twice as fast as when he woke up this morning and this feeling of guilt will not go out of his stomach. The judge asks to see all the evidence that is going to be used against Jake to determine his guilt or innocence. The prosecutor explains that they do not have much evidence, and mostly what brought Jake into the court room today were merely circumstances he was involved in. The judge asks how they have such a strong case with just circumstantial evidence and the prosecutor asks the judge to hear him out. After ten minutes of circumstantial evidence being presented, the judge stops the prosecutor saying he has heard enough. The judge calmly asks jake to step forward, leans in and whispers “tell me, son, is all this true?” Jake lies and proclaims his innocence to which the judge responds there is not enough evidence to convict and therefore orders Jake to be released.


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