Museum Painting.

obama Barack Obama/Hope by Shepard Fairey.

I was not able to travel to a museum since I’m in a law enforcement acadmey and I’m not able to leave during the week. I did a little research online and came across this portrait of our 44th president of the United States Barack Obama. I came across this picture in regards to studying about what it means to be an American, and what the American dream is. I know that not everyone will agree with me when I say that Barack Obama was an example of what living the American dream is, but I happen to beleive that he is a prime example. He was the first African American to serve as president of the United States. This country has come a long way in order for this man to be able to serve as president. Although many of his decisons I did not agree with I do believe he gave a new meaning for the African American race and was a leading example of what it means to over come stereotypes that people have set agianst you because of your color. This painting show’s the features of a black man but the colors of our country. A country that he was not born in but was given an equal opportunity in. That’s what is so great about America; It’s the land of opportunties where anyone can come and become anything or anyone they want. As Christine Emba described it in “What is white privilege?” This man could be seen as unpriveleged because he was not what a lot of people saw as “president material”. He was not white and didn’t come from wealth and such other standards that this country holds in expectation for our leaders. Some people would say that being black is what got him into the white house. I believe it wasn’t the color of his skin but how he spoke to the African American people, and how the made them feel a sense of comfort knowing that someone of their color was in office. Something that they had never felt before. The the white race it was a toss up. Some felt the change in ethnicity was good while other’s felt it was doing nothing but harm. This picture is a good repersentation of how great American really is and how being white is not what it means to be American. It’s someone who stands for the values of this country and supports this country through thick and thin. Someone who want’s better for not only himself but the people of this country. I believe he did his job well and was one step closer to rebuilding this country from the downfalls it’s experienced in the past few decades.



  1. For President Obama to be the first African American President ever was a step in the right direction when it comes to showing equality for people of different race and religion. It made a huge statement. Your right Obama was living the “American Dream.” He got to be the president of the best country in the world. I also felt comfort the eight years he was our president. He did a lot of positive things for our country. He was steering the country in the right direction and I respected how he presented himself. He was so professional and he was truly a great leader to have. The color of someones skin should no dictate how someone is gonna do a certain job.


  2. Great example! I think that, regardless of my views about President Obama personally, he is definitely a great example of not allowing stereotypes, misconceptions, and judgements to limit one’s potential! He came from a very humble beginning! He had a somewhat absent, single mom, an almost completely absent father, and was raised mostly by his white grandparents, in Hawaii. Talk about confusion! He had every reason to struggle with his identity. But President Obama was very secure in who he was and what he wanted to accomplish. He attended an ivy league school, married a strong woman, and had two beautiful daughters. He worked in his community, fought for a better place for his fellow citizens, and ultimately, became the 44th President of the United States of America! You related this to “What is White Privilege.” Great job! I would also connect it to Soto’s “Like Mexicans.” I make this connection using Mr. Obama’s background and skin color. Many people would argue, and likely did, that he could never represent the United States as its leader and Commander in Chief. Soto shows us that the narrator of that story rejected the judgements and misconceptions made by those that were near and dear to him. He allowed himself to find his own truth – ultimately falling in love with a Japanese girl. And regardless of what anyone thinks of Mr. Obama’s Presidency, no one can take away what he accomplished in his life and the barriers he knocked down, day in and day out. He allowed us, through his accomplishments, that when we limit others, based on opinions and prejudices, we are actually only limiting ourselves!


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