Art Visit (Blog Post 3)

I would like to start off by saying that I do not regularly enjoy going to gyms or looking at art. I have never really been able to get into the whole art thing. i think this is partly because of the fact that I have been much of an artist myself and have trouble drawing or creating good pictures even abstract I have trouble with. Because of this, I do not have a good eye for art and if this was not an assignment I would not even be bothering to write about art. However, it is the assignment that the doctor ordered and I must abide by her instructions. I visited the Arlington Museum of Art and really did try my best to keep an open mind and find something that I could relate to. I looked at a lot of different types of works, but none of them could stand out like the mural of the star, envisioning the Lone Star State. It was a beautiful mural filled with colors and shapes, all painted into the star that sits in the middle left of our beautiful flag. The big star also had three different types of smaller stars throughout the center in various sizes. The public art project was designed by working with our city’s new brand which is ARLINGTON:The American Dream City. That motto is very fitting for our amazing hometown. Arlington started as a small city in between two powerhouse cities, Fort Worth and Dallas, and most people that started living here and populating the areas were people who did not want big city living or could not afford to live downtown. The city, quickly grew however, and it was obvious that Arlington was going to make a name for itself. Vandergriff and Cravens had big plans for Arlington, and those plans went well because our hometown hosts, amazing venues such as Six Flags over Texas, Hurricane Harbor, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and The Rangers ballpark in Arlington. Arlington quickly began to rival Fort Worth and Dallas.

Just like the Latinos and Hispanics hoped for a better life so does the city of Arlington hoping to someday have the same revenue as Dallas or Fort Worth. Arlington has big dreams and big plans for its city and its refreshing to see people who still care about their city and its development.


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  1. I really enjoy Arlington even though my hometown is Fort Worth. There honestly is not really all that much to do here in Fort Worth, everything iconic about Texas is in Arlington, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, AT&T Stadium, and the Rangers. I mean there are a ton of different things to do all over Texas such as the River Walk and Alamo in San Antonio, NASA in Houston and the capital, Austin and its great vibe the city gives off. But to have a small city such as Arlington to grow has much as it did in the last century is amazing, especially since it is located the between two powerful cities. Maybe that is the reason why there is always traffic in the city, because they want to see for themselves of how great the city could be.


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