The Blind Side

poster-257 (1)The film The Blind Side which came out in 2009 is an incredible true story based on the lives of Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy. Sean was born in a very unfortunate situation growing up, his father had never been present in his life and his mother was a drug addict. Growing up in this atmosphere where both of his role models let him down, may believed that he would very easily be pushed down a wrong path in life full of drugs and violence. One may have assumed this because he lived in a very underprivileged neighborhood, he was a young african american man which in those times it was harder for them because many people discriminated them. With that being said, Sean’s chances of ever attending college and reaching a professional career seemed very slim.


Sean’s life however, was completely turned around when a caring woman named Leigh Anne Tuohy takes him under her wing and brings him in as part of her family. For Sean everything he was experiencing seemed to be a dream, because he was never a part of a family who loves and supports him. Leigh worked very hard to make sure Sean had everything necessary in life in order to have a successful life. She made sure he had extra help on his school and when he told her he wanted to try to do football she was there every step of the way.

th (3)  At first Sean was really bad at football and had difficulties figuring how to use his body to play the game that he would love. In my opinion the biggest turning point of the story is when Leigh walks up to Sean and explains to him that he should pretend that when he’s playing football to think that he’s protecting the blind side of one of his family members in order to keep them safe. With that in mind Sean became very successful in football, played college football and was eventually drafted by the Ravens in 2009. What an incredible story on how this young man’s life was turned around because he had a family who loved him and supported him. I wonder what the outcome would have been if he hadn’t been adopted by Leigh and her family.


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  1. The Blind Side is one of my favorite movies in the world. This movie has taught me a lot of life lessons. It has taught me to be kind and loving to others regardless of race because you never know the person you are helping could change your life. I think it is brave at the mere fact that a person of another race can take in a a young man who she did not know at all and pay for his school, pay for his car and anything else he might need without wanting anything in return. It amazes me when people do that however i feel like all that has changed now. I feel like people no longer care about others not even their own race. I see people begging all the time for a meal and instead of those who have giving to the poor, they beat them up or humiliate them. What good does that do to humiliate someone who is having a hard time? Being rude or mean to someone and then turning around and doing something nice for another, I feel like that just cancels any good that you had done, in my opinion.


  2. I love how this movie relates to a lot of what we are currently talking about in our class. It includes a lot of oppression and hate that some people have for Michael. There is many people who also jealous of Michael because they feel that they are superior to him somehow but yet he proves many people wrong. Michael, who is now in the National Football League, great motivation despite all of the stuff he had to overcome. Overcoming adversity has definitely been Michaels strong suit. The “Blind Side” was a great inspirational movie that demonstrates what should just be common morals.


  3. The Blind Side is a genuine true All-American movie in my opinion. It does make you think about how this young man’s life would have turned out if he did not have a loving family to assist him in his life’s journey. In addition, I stop and think, how the world and society would be today if everyone took the initiative to help others as they did with this young man and especially if they assisted others that were outside of their race. This movie also correlates to our lessons, therefore making me really stop and think, what would be the outcome if this family was black or if this story transpired back the the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s?


  4. This is one of the other movies I missed that I still want to see. This movie is interesting to me now more than ever because I work in an at risk school, where kids 50% or more are in the same kinds of homes. I love to hear these kinds of stories where someone turned another persons life in a direction that it most likely would not have gone. She saw that this young man could easily end up living the life of pain and anger based on the life his parents had. Leigh saw past the color, size and past of this young man and gave him the respect, dedication and strength he needed that he never had from his parents. I hope I can be like Leigh is and inspire a student the way she did. That would be so fulfilling. Thank you for sharing your movie and analysis with us.


  5. this is one of my all time favorite movie to watch. the things that the he has to go through and the struggle for him is normal. he got used to having nothing until this family came along to help him out. its cool to see that through the whole move it looks like the family is helping him through Sean was teaching them how to live a simple life with no money how to be a really family again. like eating dinner at the table instead of in front of the TV.


  6. The Blindside is a touching story that we could all take a page out of. How often do you see a family like the Tuohy’s go out of their way to help a person of color? Perhaps there are many but we don’t hear enough about them. Too often society sees color and shy’s away from it. What most fail to realize is that they are no different than we are. In fact, the struggles they face because of their color is what makes them stronger as a person. All it took was one person, Mrs. Tuohy to extend a helping hand to change the trajectory of Michael’s life. Her taking a stance to her affluent friends is a true testament of her pure heart. In turn, Michael was willing to place his life on the line for their son. As someone who was once homeless, I still remember the four people who extended their hand to help me. If I could find those people today I’d make sure they knew the impacted my life and I didn’t take it for granted. Great movie selection.


  7. I love this movie so much! It’s a touching story. It’s just wonderful that she being a white women, came in and took care of Micheal, a young black male. She showed show much compassion and love. She loved for that boy like he was her own son. He loved him regardless of his race or skin color. We need more people like her in the world. Selfless acts of true kindness. We all need to love one another and help each other regardless of our skin color.


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