I chose Advantageous by Jennifer Fang


This movie takes place in the future. The main character, Gwen sells cosmetic procedures for a company named Advanced health and living. Advanced is about to introduce a procedure that will transfer consciousness into a new body. Advance needed a younger female to be the spokesperson and they lay off Gwen who had done all research, marketing and was responsible for bringing this procedure to bear. Gwen has a young daughter “Jules” who clearly has a future and needs higher education. But after being let go she cannot afford to send her. She chose to undergo the procedure because she could not find another job due to the current views on women. Her boss mentioned that there was talk of not letting the women stay in the workforce as long and forcing them go back to the home. It was safer.

Gwen worked for a company that manipulated the insecurities of women by giving them the chance to transfer their mind into a new younger body, a more attractive body. She feed into the fears of women and It was not until she was let go from a job that was to provide for her and her daughter that she truly grasped the plight of women that were un-employable for being women.

The internal struggle for her was knowing that this was affront to her self-identity. How could she tell her daughter to be strong and be proud of who you are when the company she worked for focused on the fears of women? Her conflict was knowing that her daughter had only one chance in her life to attain the best education and this was by sacrificing her life.

Jennifer fang presented an interesting view on the struggles that women have had throughout history with sexism, racism and ageism.


Ric Ramirez


One comment

  1. Ric,

    While I have not seen this movie before, all too many times women are taken advantage of in the workplace. As a father, I can relate to wanting to make sure that your children are being mentally challenged to their brink. I make sure that no matter what my sons school makes the top of my monthly budgeting. As a father to a girl, it makes me disguised that women are treated unequally and I will do all that I can to make sure my daughter can become what ever it is that she yearns for in this life.

    In my opinion, the main problem is that chauvinistic men are still at the top calling the shots and teaching their sons to do the same. I hope that more is done to equalize the discrimination between men and women in the work place in the coming years.


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