Fruitvale Station



Fruitvale Station was a film that was released in 2013 by Ryan Coogler, that was based on the events that lead to the death of Oscar Grant. Oscar Grant was a young, African-American man who was killed by a white Bay Area Transit Police officer in Oakland, California. The movie is centralized around Oscar Grant’s life and how he spent the day before his death that marginalize what type of person he was. It was New Year’s Eve day, which also was his mother’s birthday. On this day, he decided that he was going to be a better son, boyfriend, and father to his young 4-year-old daughter. As the day goes on he encounters moments with old friends as well as old foes, which to his despise causes his ultimate death. While riding the BART after viewing the fireworks, he runs into an old customer that recognizes him and calls his name out. However, a former prison inmate from when Grant was in jail, intercepts his name and tries to fight him. This then leads to the BART police to get involved. While Grant is detained, and on the BART platform a white police officer shoots him in the back because he was unable to removed Grant’s right arm from underneath his body to handcuff him. Grant was unarmed and because of this was pronounced dead at the hospital. The police officer was a white male, and he claimed to mistakenly grab his gun instead of his taser.


Regarding our class, this movie draws the comparison to the video in which several African American parents express their concern for their young boys and police brutality. Oscar Grant’s mother, I am sure, had the same conversation with her son growing up. Especially given his reputation with the law. Like this movie, and like the video, this is a growing concern for many African American families. Nobody wants to have to go through the pain and suffering that Oscar Grant’s family had to endure on this day. We see so many stories in the news as of late of many instances in which police brutality is a growing problem amongst African Americans and just like Mr. Grants case, many police officers explain that they did not mean to grab their gun. This movie was used as a driving force to bring the issue of police brutality to light and to perhaps gain a different perspective of how much of a problem it really is.


Citations: All images came from google images Fruitvale Station



  1. The brutality of African Americans now days is ridiculous. We are told that we have been given freedom but in reality i feel like we are still slaves but just not owned. We work like dogs and yet even when we deserve the promotion, it is given to another person less qualified than us. We put ourselves through school and aim really high in our education but when it comes to getting a job we are not hired and on top of that given a ridiculous reason like “you are too qualified or you need experience” but how can we get the experience if we are not given the opportunity to get it?. We try to keep our heads down and do what we are told but even those that are supposed to know us, those we call friends, can turn on us in a snap. The police that is supposed to treat all of equal treat us like dogs and once we bark back we are imprisoned. We are beaten, bruised and humiliated by those supposed to protect us and yet we nothing is done for combat this injustice. When is equality going to really mean equality? When are our rights as African Americans going to mean something and our freedom truly given to us? This movie expresses all the brutality that African American face up until now. The pain, the shame, and the brutality that we go through on a daily basis.

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  2. The film Fruitvale Station is based on true events that are the reality of the world we live in. I mean how many cases have we heard or seen similar to that of Oscar Grant to this day. The mistreatment of African American males from Anglo law officers is definitely inhumane. The thought that African American parents feel the need to have “the talk” with their sons while having a mental picture of Tamir Rice or Oscar Grant in their mind, is heartbreaking. All of this unnecessary fear has been created because of the malpractice of law officers. I understand how this can be a growing concern for African American families like you stated. No one’s life is ever worth taking especially because of a mistake.


  3. Fruitvale Station is one movie that actually moved me to tears. As I sat watching it, the realization hit me that I was vulnerable to police brutality, and harassment just because of the color of my skin. Fruitvale Station plays out the unfortunate reality in America where the police have a tendency to use unnecessary brutal and lethal force on African American men. The most painful aspect of this injustice is that the police officers that do the shooting either walk free or get off with a slap on the wrist; in the case of Grant in Fruitvale Station, the police officer involved got only an 11 month jail sentence. The fear amongst us blacks is real. Past experience has led us to distrust authority. Current events reinforce our fears. We worry for our sons and daughters, and, we cannot understand why there exists a different set of rules for colored people.
    No matter your color, Fruitvale Station is a movie that will make you wonder if racial equality will ever be achieved in America. We can only hope and pray that it is.


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