Fire (An Indian movie)

A few days ago I watched a pretty controversial movie titled Fire. Fire is a 1996 film written and directed by Deepa Mehta, starring Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das. This film was so controversial that several people protested because of the homosexuality and the freedom of speech that it exhibited, that it ended up getting banned in Indian. Watching this movie was interesting because it is not the kind of movie that I usually watch. However, it was easy to figure out what is happening or bound to happen in the movie. The movie starts out with the couple’s son getting married however he is not into the marriage because he is in love with another woman who happens to be Asian. What’s interesting and something that I have noticed with my friends is that usually Indians do not marry anyone other than someone from their country.

This movie is about two women, a mother in law and a daughter in law that are frustrated with their husbands. The mother has not been touch by her husband for thirteen years. She talks about the difficulties of not being able to have a child that her husband refuses to touch her intimately because he believes that intimacy is only for reproduction and since the wife is unable to give birth, there is no need to be intimate. The only closeness the wife gets is when the husband decides to test himself to make sure that he is not easily tempted. In doing so he tells his wife to sleep next to him but assures her that he will not touch her. This goes on for 13 years. The wife spends her time catering to her husband’s mother as well as running the kitchen that she literally does not even remember what it is like to be touched or caressed. This wife reminds me of Mrs. Wright in the story of Trifles. Mrs. Wright was extremely depressed because she was not fulfilled by her spouse. She was tired of the cooking and the cleaning and not being appreciated by her spouse that unfortunately she resolved the issue by killing her spouse.
The movie ended up taking a twist where the ladies (the mother and the daughter in law) spent so much time together that they ended up falling in love with each other. When the husband of the mother found out, he told the wife to fall down at his feet and beg for forgiveness and ask him to take her back. She refused and he ended up setting her dress on fire and left her burning. Finally putting the fire out, she left the home and went to find her lover, who happened to be her daughter in law.
In conclusion, this movie showed how women are not receiving the kind of love and appreciation that they should be getting from their spouse just like in the Trifles movie. I also realized that men are not very perceptive especially if women have affairs. In the trifles movie, Mrs. Wright’s kitchen had many clues of what could have led her to kill her spouse however the men missed all the clues just like in this Indian movie. The men missed the fact that the women were falling for each other, sneaking away all the time, pushing their spouses out the door but none of it made sense to their husbands. The husbands simply thought it good that the women were connected and that they had each other. In the end one husband was able to put all the clues together but it was too later.


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