Erin Brockovich


We live in America where women legally are of the same stature of men. However, we know that women are not equal to men is society. In the article “Heterosexuality & Lesbian Experience” by Adrienne Rich, Rich states that women are ruled by men and women have less power compared to men. Men still dominate women in many facets of life. Men get paid more than women for doing the same job. Men get more opportunities for certain jobs compared to women. Women are still seen as sexual objects to men. Women dress a certain way and look a certain way because it is appealing to men. We as a society have this view of what the ideal women should look like. The projected image of what we are supposed to look like is blasted in every magazine, tv show, movie, and even advertisements. Throughout history there has been a shortage of women film makers and movies with a strong women lead.
One exception to this shortage is the movie Erin Brockovich. The movie Erin Brockovich has a women producer, Stacey Sher, and a women screenwriter, Susannah Grant. This movie depicts women film makers and has a strong female lead. This is a great movie about an American mom who makes a name for herself and is very successful. She challenges society’s view on women and steps out of the normal American mom role. She challenges society and pushes her rights to be equal to men. In the movie you can see the challenges women face against being equal to males. In the movie she takes a job with low wages as a legal assistant for a California law firm. While looking through files she comes across files that have medical records in them. After becoming curious, she does a lot of investigating/research on her own and comes to a major discovery that leads to a huge law suit in their favor. Her law firm wins the case thanks to Erin’s hard work. The short film, “Trifles” and the story, “She Unnames Them” by Ursula K. Le Guin both reflect that women hold secret powers. Women notice things men do not and can get jobs done that could not be done by men.  Women have the power to be independent and make their own decisions. These short stories can be tied into the movie. Erin is a woman who holds secret powers, she does research and notices things men do not. Being a women means being very nurturing and caring in nature. I know this helped Erin to really connect on a deeper level and fight for her clients. In the movie Erin uses her some of her feminism to get her hands on some of the necessary evidence she needs, she wears a low cut shirt to show off her boobs and wears an outfit appealing to the male eyes.

Erin Brockovich was based on a true story. There is an interview with the real life Erin Brockovich about feminism. I love what she says during this interview. She says, “She is not about demasculinating men or chastising them. It is not who she is or what she wants to do.” Brockovich states, “the feminist movement to her is about women pushing and opening doors so that they are heard, that they are seen as equals, so that they have the same opportunities, that they absolutely contribute to this world. To me that is what the feminist movement is. And if that is how you define the feminist movement then I am the leader of the pack.” I absolutely agree with her on this one. I do not want to become ahead of men. We as women should just strive to be equals and be offered the same opportunities in this world.


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  1. Sasha,

    I wholeheartedly agree with you in that women are supposedly viewed as equals with men in the workplace but are not compensated accordingly. That being said I do believe that there are certain jobs that men should not do and that women should not do. For instance I believe that few women would be an ideal candidate for a manual labor oil field position. I do not believe this because of societal norms but based off evolution and women’s body build.

    Another great point that you made was your comment about women seeing things that men do not. I have heard many of my wife’s friend make the joke that if a man went to look for something it was probably right in front of him. Admittedly many of times I have went on a search only for my wife to walk in and find the missing object literally right in front of me. Women certainly have the keenest of site.


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