comparative study

Poetry has a way to really grab you by the heart stings with the metaphors and the words that are composed in the stanzas. The way I see the two poems like “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes and “Power” by Audre Lorde had some great point that they have in common.  The comparison of the two poems is very simple to grasp because they both talk about the similar situations. In both of the poem the authors is trying to portray anger and believe that the African American race is treated wrong.  American is still hanging on to the past such as discrimination. The poets have revealed some situations that have occurred in the U.S. that are really troubling, such as killing of a child.

The anger that is portrayed in both poems is very clear on what the writers want to convey. Audre Lorde’s poem “Power” talks about a 10 year old boy that is shot by a cop and the shooter was let go with no remorse or conviction. The poem demonstrated anger and expressed the heartache that African American mothers had to go through in seeing their children shot, killed and in the grave. They were never given the opportunity to see their children grow-up.  In the poem Lorde says “I am trapped on a desert of raw gunshot wounds /  And a dead child dragging his shattered black / Face the edge of my sleep / Blood from his punctured cheeks and shoulders  / Is the only liquid got miles.” The problem that African Americans face is having no power in the justice system and having to live in fear of the government who is supposed to protect their rights. The fear is going to be replaced by anger that is displayed the poems.

In comparison to the Lorde’s poem” Power” and Hughes’ poem “Let America Be America Again,” Hughes states “America never was America to me” and even though he is American he still doesn’t feel safe due to the color of his skin. Another topic that comes up is “There’s never been equality for me / Nor freedom is this “homeland of the free.” Just like Lorde poem it is talking about how the African American are suppressed by the very super power that is supposed to up hold the law, and not be judged because the difference in race. Hughes’ poem touches on this subject in a deep sense of anger. According to Hughes poem, America is still trying to suppress “And finding only the same old stupid plan / Of dog eat dog, of might crushing the weak” both poets feel the same way.

In conclusion the two poems ‘Power” and “Let America Be America Again” really shows the anger about the African American race. Not only does the poems talks about the struggles of being black in America, for adults but also for the children. The poets are fed up with what American is doing to the African American community and wants to make a stand by expressing their emotions regarding racism through their poems and they both had similar viewpoint.

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