Brokeback Mountain

Two cowboys that started off as strangers end up working together on a ranch to herd sheep. They are the only two on the ranch and as the weeks go by they start to grow/build a friendship. One night they had too much to drink and end up finding a deeper connection. They then begin to explore this new romance during their last days of summer working together. They begin to recognize that what they are feeling for one another needs to end, so at the of summer they call it quits. Years go by, and they both get married and have their own families. While years pass and even with their families they can not ignore how they feel toward one another, so they meet up once again. With the undeniable love they have for one another they start to take mini “fishing trips” until one of their wives has a suspicion that there is more to them meeting up. The wife then finds her husband having passionate kisses with another man, but not any man, it was the man from the ranch and the one he was meeting for the mini “fishing trips”.

Both men had a heterosexual life style, but after one night of exploring a different path they experience a new longing for someone of the same sex. Coming up from hard labor background they were aware that what they are feeling for one another is not allowed. Due to society, movie was set during the 1960’s, they hide their romance because they were taught to be a hard working man and love only women.



  1. I have never seen this movie and thank you for the elaborate summary. I always wondered why people would make homosexual references to this movie but now I understand why. Do you think they would be have been happy if they would have stayed together, alone, and in love at the ranch? Or, do you think it was an experiment both agreed on? It is interesting that even after marriage and children they continued to discover their sexuality. Also unfair, I think, to only do this behind everyone’s back all because society would not accept this behavior.


  2. I too wrote about this movie for my blog. I found it interesting that these two men had completely heterosexual lives one day and then the next they were exploring homosexual ways. Being in the time this movie was based in it was frowned up and could even lead to consequences had the exposed themselves. I did find though that when Heath Leadgers character admits to his wife that he is gay she take’s his family and leaves. Howeve Jake Gillinhal’s wife initinally pretends that she doens’t notice of his gay relationship. I can’t imagine what it was like having to hide what might have been a true idenity for both of them and acting like it didn’t mean anyting. It’s interesting that a lot of people have never heard of this movie. I think it’s a really great eye opener to people who might be a tad confused just as to their sexuality.


  3. The amazing thing about this movie is the fact that it portrays very realistic scenarios for homosexual culture and “coming out” in modern times. There has been tremendous progress since then, but the fact is that we still have a long ways to go in terms of cultural acceptance. Brokeback Mountain perfectly portrays two very real scenarios (disowning in Heath Ledger’s case, and denial of the truth in Jake Gillinhal’s case) that happen all across the world. In a way, it represents both cultures in a way that portrays them accurately.


  4. I have never seen this movie but now I want to! It sounds good. I wonder how the wives feel. I wonder if they are accepting of their husbands true sexuality. That must be a hard situation to go through. It would be hard for the men to live a double life. I’ll just have to watch the movie for myself!


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