Blog 2


**(Spoiler Alert)**

The film “American Beauty”, is written and produced by Alan Ball, a gay filmmaker that is a strong supporter of the LGBT community. In this film two spouses are living in absolute misery with each other and their teenage daughter. The husband (Lester) is the first to break from the monotony of every day misery and flip his “screw it” switch. He begins smoking marijuana, he quits his job, starts working out, and just doing all that he feels will improve his quality of life. With this comes complications. His marijuana supplier is a teenager named Ricky that is his daughters age and lives next door whose father, Frank, is ex military. Frank lives by a strict military and moral code that he strictly enforces in his household with his son, or so he thinks. One night Frank sees Ricky through a window selling drugs to Lester. However Frank sees a different, and inaccurate, scenario unfolding before him. He thinks that Ricky is gay and is selling sexual services to Lester. This goes against everything that Frank believes in and he is outraged and ends up shooting Lester in the back of the head at the end of the movie. The action and feelings that surround Frank are exactly what suppression is like in modern day. Perhaps not the murder aspect, but even that isn’t so far fetched. This is a direct connection to what we have been discussing in class. Every minority in America from African Americans to Homosexuals, all feel some form of this oppression. This oppression is creating harder living conditions and an all around struggle to find where they belong and fit in without being criticized and even punished in some shape or form because of it. I think that this scenario in this film is a perfect worst case example of what we have been discussing in class recently.


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