What it means to me

What it means to be American to me is a lot of people do not comprehend the privileges they have by living in the United States. Americans constantly go about their daily activities without even realizing it. I believe that we live in such a great nation and have more freedom than those that live in other countries such as the right to vote, freedom of religion, and the opportunity to become a land owner. Americans are allowed and encouraged to vote for whatever party they choose, whether it’s Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. Being in American, one is allowed to practice any religion and not be persecuted by those that do not have the same beliefs as displayed in other counties.  Many people move to America because of those rights and pursue to live their lives in freedom. Non-Americans have just about the same opportunities to do something great with their lives. Although, there are some downfalls and the nation might have strayed off the path that the founding fathers have set for the future. I still believe in America and know that there are still very patriotic people that have a lot of hope for this Country.

I believe that I am American. I was born and raised in this great nation called the United States of America. I have a great opportunity to be someone and have every right that is in the US Constitution and the Bill of Right. Because of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, my rights are acknowledged no matter what sex, race, or religion I am. These rights such as the right to bear arms and freedom of speech are just a few that I’m allowed and I utilized to feel like an American that I am. In the end I know what it means to be an American and that you have the ultimate pass to freedom and a good start to life no matter who you are. I have the ability to contribute to what makes this county a better place to live by being an American.



  1. Thank you for sharing your experience on what being an American means to you. I completely agree with you, we are so privileged to live in America because we have rights and freedom that not everyone has. These freedoms are definitely taken for granted sometimes because we are so used to having them we can’t imagine life any other way. Its nice to know that no matter our race, religion, or gender we have the same rights as anyone else. We have lost a lot of our soldiers and its such a great feeling to know that everyday we have people that risk their lives in order to maintain
    and give us our freedom. Being American really is a great feeling.

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  2. I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly. I feel as Americans we sometimes take advantage of our given opportunities. To be able to wake up, and say I am going to do x,y, and z today really makes me feel proud. Many countries do not even give their population the opportunity or option to decide what they are going to do that day, or let alone during their lifetime. To like you said, have a complete Bill of Rights that really acknowledges, that regardless of sex or gender, or color that we are all equal. Living and breathing as an American is truly an honor.


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