Moonlight is a film by Barry Jenkins based on a true story that came out in September of 2016. It is based on a play called “Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue.” This film is about a gay child that is trying to make his own way and has to deal with the opposite that Delly had to deal with in “Blessed Assurance.” The main character Chiron was often being bullied and one of the reasons is because of the way he “walked.”  His own mother that was on crack and she often beat her son as well and Chiron feared and hated his mother for all of that suffering. Years later, throughout the film he had moment with one of his friend’s named Kevin and they end up kissing. The day after Kevin turns on Chiro and beats him up in front a group of bullies. After getting constantly bullied by the main guy named Terrel, Chiron smashes his back with a chair. As he moved on with his life his mother Paula who was in a drug treatment center asked him to visit and she broke down and apologized for the wrong she did. He ends up seeing and forgiving his old friend Kevin for turning on him. Chiron went through a rough neighborhood that dealt with a whole bunch of drugs so his childhood  was pretty rough. He went through an angry adolescence and ended up having realization on who is was. In “Blessed Assurance,” Delly’s father found out his son was homosexual because of how is acted as well. He did chores without complaining and he also washed dishes “easily.” The difference is that Delly’s father did not hit his son like Paula hit Chiron. Paula was ashamed and so was Delly’s father. Delly’s father kept blaming himself or his wife on how his son turned out. If I were a father of a homosexual child I would not go to violence because it does not solve anything. It is something a parent should have to learn to live with and should not change your relationship with your child as hard as it may be.



Hughes,Langston, and Donna Sullivan.Harper. Short stories, “Blessed Assurance”. New York: Hill and Wang, 1997.Print.

Moonlight.Dir. Barry Jenkins. By Barry Jenkins. Prod. Adele Romanski, Dede Gardner, and Jeremy Kleiner. Perf. Trevante Rhode, Andre Holland and Janelle Monae. Pastel Productions. 2016






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