Feminism in all aspects of life.

I watch a show on ABC Family “Switched at Birth”. This is a show that has many racial innuendos in it. You have a family that is very wealthy and one that is on a much lower income scale. They soon find out that their daughters have been switched and they face eachother to meet their real daughters.

In doing so, we see that one of the daughters is Deaf and the birth father doesn’t want to admit that his daughter could have a problem. She is almost ignored by him and the other daughter is seen in his eyes to be his. To me, this is a little part of the Erotic as power that is not being seen in women. The girl came from a low income, Hispanic family and was actually the daughter of a wealthy, power placed white family. Bae, the actual daughter of the lower income family, has been raised as a very wealthy, private school and anything she wanted life.

The fact that Daphne is both of lower income family and deaf place her at a risk of being made fun of, told she can’t do things or just passed over for things because she has a disability. After reading what Lorde had to say about women’s empowerment, I watch this show in a different way. Daphne is a very strong and tolerant woman who has not allowed the criticism or denial of anything stand in her way. She has goals of being in the medical field and is making major strides towards this. All women fact some obstacle in out lives, we just have to continue to pursue the right to have that goal or dream and never give up on the chance to change something for the better.



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