A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own, directed by Penny Marshall, was released in 1992. The two writers of the story were Kim Wilson and Kelly Candaele. This movie is a classic that many of you might actually already be familiar with. I was intrigued with this movie to begin with because I played softball growing up. Thinking about how baseball was only a men’s sport back then made me think about how my childhood could have been different if I was refused the right to play a a sport because of my gender. This story is a perfect representation of what we have been talking about in regards to feminism and the unequal power between men and women.

First off, this movie takes place in World War 2 and is about two sisters and their journey to play baseball in an era where this was only seen as a men’s sport. Most of the men were off fighting the war during this time, leaving the women behind. Then, the two sisters, Dottie and Kit, are approached by scouts to join a baseball team in order to keep these baseball teams up and running while the men are off at war. The team manager of their team, played by Tom Hanks, struggles with the idea of coaching a women’s team and is embarrassed by this. There was so much going on in the world at the this time due to the war, and women were getting to try new things and expected to help. More women were working in industries and steering away from their typical gender roles. This film has so many lessons and issues it brings to light regarding feminism, and simply represents a movie about following your dreams and goals regardless of the limitations suppressed on you.

In addition, this idea of limitations can even relate to the topics we discussed a week before about the differences between white and black children growing up. There are certain stereotypes, profiling and misjudgments that follow some people depending on their skin color or gender. Some of us can say we have been mistreated in some of these ways even in our lives today.

Overall this movie even though it is comical at times and light hearted, still portrays issues that we face today. Specifically, gender inequality is a real problem in our world. This all goes back to Rich’s idea of what “deviant”, “right” and “wrong” look like. These roles are forced upon women, and women need to be able to escape this. For example, research shows that women earn about 20% less then men. This is shocking! We must all come together to recognize these ideas that need fixing, and it is crazy to me that they were even symbolized in movies as early as 1992 in A League of Their Own. Things have defintitely changed since then, but we still have progress to make!


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