Review about the connection between Broke Back Mountain and what we’ve study in lesson 4 of American Literature 1865.

When I read what this blog topic was about I drew a complete blank on what film I could find that relates to the multiple topics we’ve been discussing in class. After thinking beyond my type of movies, I remembered a movie I’ve watched titled “Broke Back Mountain”. The film was written by Annie Proulx and Directed by Ang Lee who is an Asain director. The Movied was based of Proulx’s short story also titled “Broke Back Mountain.” It’s a story of two men who claim to be heterosexual until they meet one day when they were assigned to heard a rancher’s sheep up a mountain, and being up there for a few weeks they become curious of one another. When the men come back from their ranching duties they find and hide a secrete love quarl between the two making it difficult to live their daily lives all together. In “The Outing” we find David and Johnnie have a hidden love for eachother similar to the one in Broke Back Mountain. You’ve got two males who have maybe not on purpose formed a love relationship for each other but try to keep it hidden. I can easily spot that in “The Outing” it’s more of a moral and religous debate over homosexuality than in the movie Broke Back Mountain. In the movie these two men have to deal with trying to live gay but also live amongst society and their families who do not know they’re gay. It’s something that I’m sure carries a heavy burden of somesort. That’s the feeling I get from both of these topics. I feel…. no, I know for a fact that there are hundreds maybe even millions of people who still live in the dark of their sexuality for the fear of how society views homosexuality and what It would do to them if they became so openly about it. This movie was a good example of people who felt they needed to live a double life in order to cover up the path in which they secretely want to choose. Andrinne brings up a good point when she says” that people only seem to think that the reason that some women are lesibians is because they are simply acting out a bitterness between men.” She does not speak about men in her writing but being a lesbian and being gay is the exact same thing only to the opposite sex. So does a gay man only claim to be gay to act toward his bitterness of women? I believe she is writing from a feminsts point of view. I do not believe homosexuality is something that you aqquire or pick up like a virus one day. I believe it’s something that only when you become a certain age (usually puberty) that you are able to determine who you are sexually and what your sexuality is. It’s always been there though. From birth. I think a lot of movies are based on the famale perspective of homosexuality and not the male perspective. Broke Back mountain can easily compare to both homosexuality readings we had this week. The men in Broke Back Mountain don’t openly show their sexuality nor do they tend to show it through their clothing like in Langston Hughe’s “Blessed Assurance.” However the delemia between the two males “second life” or “gay love” for each other is the same. If you haven’t watched the movie “Broke Back Mountain” I suggest you do. It’s a good movie.



  1. Brian,
    I also drew a blank when I read the blog topic for this week. Granted I am not a big movie goer and quite honestly could not name any director of any movie I have seen, I am almost positive they were all by white males. I have never heard of “Broke Back Mountain” before your post, but it does seem like a film I would enjoy. It also seems to relate to our class very nicely especially with the week 4 readings. I think that so many directors are afraid of the backlash they may receive for integrating things such as homosexuality into their films. Many writers fear rejection and do not want bad ratings, but in reality the ones that incorporate such elements into their films and do it well have been successful from what I have seen.


  2. Oh man! I remember when this movie came out and it was a huge deal!! Was it not the first movie that showed two males kissing? Not just males but well-known actors, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal (who were not gay in real life). This was mind boggling when it first came out, I remember all the conversations on this movie and not fully understanding because I was too young. You are so right though; this movie really does remind me of James Baldwin’s “The Outing”. There is a secrecy and curiosity regarding the same sex in both works of art.


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