To Be An American


To be an American is to be born on the soil of one of the world’s most powerful and influential countries, which started as a humble group of settlements eventually united by the principle of freedom. To be an American is to be dedicated to the goal of living your best life, freely and unapologetically. American identity is grounded in aspirations for a better future for yourself, and it is granted to people from all places and walks of life who give their allegiance and energy to the betterment of the country that allows them to pursue it. I am an American, and I represent one of the unique facets of American identity because my family is not. While I was born on American soil, my parents and the older generations of my family were born and raised in another country thousands of miles away. They came to America seeking better opportunities and worked hard to attain everything that they have. Though they were not born American, they made contributions to the vision of America and grew to be a part of American society. In the time they spent here, many of my family members have gone to school, joined the workforce, established themselves and started families that continuously excel. They were able to enjoy the fruit of their labor themselves and even brought up their children in this country, giving us the opportunity to be American and still know where our roots are. This allowed me to have a deeper appreciation for my American identity and the freedoms it affords me. It allows me to also understand the perspectives of others and invite them into mine. I live everyday with the opportunity to make my life better than it was the day before, and I work hard to make myself better and increase my impact on the community around me. That is what makes me American: knowing that wherever my roots originate, I am a part of this country and have a duty to stand for freedom and strive for improvement.


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  1. Like your parents, my dad is an immigrant who became a naturalized citizen. Though he was born in Mexico he served our country by enlisting in the military when he became of age. He saw it as a way of giving back to the country who provided him safety and security. Often time’s foreigners seeking citizenship in the United States appreciate the liberties and freedom’s afforded to them by this great country more than US born citizens. At times we tend to take for granted the sacrifices made by our forefathers. As an America, we should show love to one another regardless of race, gender, and religious beliefs. At the end of the day this world is large enough for us all to prosper so long as we respect the laws of the land.


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