Home of The Free


Like many others I am proud to call myself an American. We have the advantage that most people do not have.  We have the freedom to choose our religion, speech, education, marry who we want and simply become someone we choose to be. For me, being an American means equal opportunities for all. We are all born with certain unalienable rights that some individuals don’t receive or take for granted; these rights cannot be taken away.  The United States is filled with many types of Americans; which do not necessarily have to be born in the United States. The great thing about America, she welcomes all types of people, no matter what ethic background or religion they exercise. There are multiple definitions of being an American, which vary from person to person. There is a large majority of immigrants that come from foreign countries who seek the title to become an American.

Did you know America has no official language? How awesome is that? I am proud to say that I come from a county that is so diverse. I welcome immigrants into America, however it is very disturbing when groups or individuals take advantage of our government or systems to benefit themselves or their home country. My philosophy is that America is a great country and has stood on her own for 241 years with the United States Constitution. If any group or individual wants to come to America and implement their laws from their country, why come to America in the first place? Why are you leaving your country to come to my county and implement your judicial laws

In closing, I want to recognize the women and men who sacrificed their life while fighting for the freedom of our great country. We are very fortune to live in a country where we do not have to fear for our lives. (Well as for right now, who knows what the future holds.)



  1. I’m in complete agreement with your comment in regards to foreigners trying to make American’s adapt to their culture. Before coming to our country I think its important for them to learn the language and know the laws of our land like the back of the hand. What may be considered legal in their home country may not necessarily be legal in America. They must understand that every action good or bad has a consequence. The universal code of ethic should be respect for one another despite social differences. While I admit coming to America is a privilege we must never forget the safety of our citizens.


  2. God Bless America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Reading your blog post inspired me to write those words to open my comment to your post since I feel the exact same way you do about being so fortunate to be myself in America. I am very proud to be able to go to a public event and not feel worried I will be treated as a second-class citizen because I am a woman, and feel very fortunate I am able to express my own feelings about my political leaders without the threat of persecution or death. America is truly a unique place in this planet and my family and I are eternally grateful to the brave men and women that sacrifice so much every day to safeguard our freedoms.


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